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Comment Re:Anecdote! I almost quit my job over this. (Score -1) 70

You almost quit because you couldn't do a traceroute or tracepath to figure out there was an ISP, routing or backbone problem and there was nothing you do about it?
A. I'll take over for you because it sounds like you need to be replaced and it sounds like an easy job.
B. Maybe you should learn photoshop and change your career path

Comment Any possibility of of MATE for Ubuntu? (Score -1) 319

I, like many others, find the Unity unusable on a desktop or laptop (or server) platform. I understand the thinking of using it on a pad or phone scenario though. Is there any possibility - whatsoever - of producing something like MATE on Ubuntu? I have been a long time supporter and advocate of Ubuntu. (I even have the t-shirts) I now find myself leaning towards other distros instead. Again, ANY possibility? BTW: Thanks for taking our questions and thanks for getting more people using Linux.

Submission + - "Six Strikes" arrives Nov. 28: How will it affect you? (

An anonymous reader writes: Under the Copyright Alerts System, Internet users who are repeatedly caught pirating copyrighted files will have to complete an 'educational course' before visiting certain websites.

Submission + - FARK users attempt to bring an article from The Onion to life with. (

UncHellMatt writes: What started out as a joke within FARK's "TotalFark Discussion" referencing The Onion article about Joe Biden washing his TransAM has blossomed into a full fledged fund drive to give Joe Biden a TransAm. "Now, Uncle Joe won't be able to accept this behemoth of steely American grace and power. He has these pesky laws and regulations and political-y things to deal with," the page reads. "Take into consideration his magnanimity and power of personality, he probably wouldn't be able to drive the Trans AM without causing a mass outpouring of Conservative Tears."

The original FARK thread can be found here.


Submission + - Raspberry Pi as a Colocation Platform? ( 1

1sockchuck writes: Ready for free hosting using tiny, cheap ARM-powered computers? A European hosting provider is offering free colocation services for users of Raspberry Pi, the credit-card sized ARM computer. Raspberry Pi has previously been used to build a cluster in a Lego enclosure. But does it make sense as a colocation platform? The specs say Raspberry Pi can operate at temperatures up to 70 degrees C (158 degrees F), which may offer some interesting possibilities for high-density installations.

Submission + - History of open source in U.S. government (

caseyb89 writes: "Gunnar Hellekson, Chief Technology Strategist for Red Hat's U.S. public sector group, describes the history of open source in the U.S. government in a five minute video. Open source is not a new concept for the U.S. government, contrary to what many media outlets suggest. The video highlights key points in the timeline like the 90s which had relatively no open source, to a 2009 DoD memo that stated that open source software was safe to use."

Submission + - Congressman warns FTC: Leave Google alone (

concealment writes: "A Democratic congressman who played a leading role in the fight against the Stop Online Piracy Act earlier this year has taken up a new cause: shielding Google from antitrust scrutiny. In a strongly worded letter to Federal Trade Commission chairman Jon Leibowitz, Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) praised Google's contribution to the nation's economy. He warned Leibowitz that if the FTC does choose to initiate an antitrust case against Google, Congress might react by curtailing its regulatory authority"

Comment Re:Where's the line? (Score -1) 412

Because it never ends there. There's also the things like don't suffer a witch, kill the jews and it's OK to blow yourself up while killing those that don't think your precious moo-moo is the only true way, make your life difficult or kill you if you want to date, have sex with and/or marry a certain, race/religion/gender. If all of the nutjobs that believe in a magic fairy god in the sky would just keep it to themselves, then I would too. I know, there goes some more karma points...

Comment Re:Moral Hazard (Score -1) 377

I completely agree. I make money off those ignored algorithms. Leaving those flash crash trades as is, brings:
a) Some eyeballs and trigger fingers back where they belong
b) Some humans back to the floor
c) Less business to india
d) God forbid, people may actually manage their own money

I am a bottom feeder, and proud of it. So leave those automated flash down trades in play. The good companies will return to their proper value.

Comment Someone's smoking their own dog food (Score -1) 558

Quote from one of the linked articles:

The openness of the previews presents a unique perspective on product development, and we’re deeply committed to the transparency of the preview process. No product used by so many people in so many different ways is developed “out in the open” like Windows 8 has been.

Really? I think Linux and BSD products are developed more openly than anything MS does.
BTW: Flamebait ready mods
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