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Comment Re:And FTL, too (Score 1) 575

I'd respectfully disagree and say it's pretty bad from the computer science side of things. There's plenty of experimental evidence that indirectly suggests FTL information propagation is impossible, if you consider that allowing it enables the efficient computation of NP-complete problems, for which I'll cite Prof. Aaronson at Shtetl-Optimized.
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Submission + - Supreme Court says EPA may regulate CO2

mdsolar writes: "The NYT and CNN are reporting that the US Sumpreme Court has ruled 5-4 that the Clean Air Act gives the Environmental Protection Agency authority to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from cars. egas.ap/index.html.

This ruling supports the contention of several states that the EPA may regulate global warming gases, something that the EPA under the current administration has said it cannot do. Settling this point may allow concrete national action on global warming in addition to the state-by-state and city-by-city efforts currently underway."

Comment Diamond (Score 2, Informative) 158

An open source version of a content-based image search engine is already available in the Carnegie Mellon-Intel joint research project called Diamond. ( It has a facial recognition application called SnapFind which can already perform arbitrary face matching and other filtering (given the image data), and it is available for free. Disclaimer: I work on Diamond, which has many other applications than this, and thought it was appropriate to post.

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