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Journal Journal: I am not allowed to use this resource 1

OK, slashdot, could somebody please tell me why all of a sudden when I try to submit a comment to a story I'm shown this message:

You are not allowed to use this resource.

WTF? Have I been banned from posting? If so why?

Has anyone else seen this? Are they trying to force me to spend my mod-points before I can post again?

If I have in someway offended somebody I have only this to say in my defense: If chewbacca lives on endor, you must acquit!

(4th June) EDIT: After posting to the slashdot bugs mailing list (on, I was able to post a couple of times... now the problem is back - not allowed to use this resource. Why slashdot, why? Am I being punished for something, or is this truly just a bug?

(5th June) EDIT: I was able to post again after my last update to this post. I've now discovered that this effects my ability to moderate also. I try to apply a moderation to a comment and the usual "You do not have permission to use this resource" message appears. Oh, and I can't post either... something very strange is happening....

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