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Comment sorry, but this is BS (Score 4, Informative) 52

NVIDIA is not supplying a proper OpenCL toolchain for the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS-based developer's kit for the Jetson Tegra TK1 hardware. As a result, it is effectively not possible to develop OpenCL applications for the chip, unless you are a big enough operator to develop your own OpenCL compiler. If you click through to TFA, you will note that I pointed this out months ago. Claiming that OpenCL is properly supported for this hardware by NVIDIA is simply not true.

Comment seriously? you guys posted this? (Score 0, Offtopic) 1348

I say wait until Windows finally finishes dropping support for XP. Large numbers of corporate desktops will not make the move to Windows 7.

The only thing that keeps businesses running Windows at all is the large volume of industry-specific applications (and even web sites) that only work on Win32 and IE. It certainly isn't lower support costs.

Comment Re:Not Surprising, but when will MS ditch Windows? (Score 1) 1003

I manage 15 seats worth of XP machines, and if availability of software specific to our industry were not a problem, I would move everything to Ubuntu or OSX in a heartbeat. Our servers are already based on Ubuntu LTS, and I have a Mac at home and a Mac for my wife and a Mac laptop for work, which I sometimes use to run XP, but only when I have to. I do keep a windows machine at my desk because otherwise I'd forget how to use the damned thing.

What keeps people from upgrading to Win7 is the vomit-inducing prospect of paying $300 a seat for the OS, plus several hundred more per seat to upgrade the hardware so it can run the OS, for something that really isn't that much better than what you're replacing.

Comment real competition (Score 1) 237

I've been saying since the Apple announcement that the real competition for the iPad will not be the Kindle, or existing netbooks running Windows, but the as-yet-unreleased machines running ChromeOS.

Both are targeted primarily at "average" consumers who don't want a full-on computer, but rather an appliance that "just works," more like a phone, for certain tasks -- browsing the web, watching movies, reading books, keeping track of their photos.

That's why geeks like us find both of them to be a bit lackluster; they're not aimed at us. They're aimed at our parents.

The Courts

Submission + - Take Action: Norwich, CT Julie Amero Porn Case

aurispector writes: Here's a link to an article about the Julie Amero porn case in Norwich, CT providing information, links and suggestions on how to help. d/129226 If you had any doubts about how wrong this is, the article includes copies of emails from a juror and a detective involved in the case. Included are the email addresses of people in government with actual power to do something about the conviction.
United States

Submission + - Digital Fair Use bill introduced to US House

An anonymous reader writes: Ars Technica reports that "US Representative Rick Boucher (D-VA) and John Doolittle (R-CA) today announced the Freedom And Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship Act of 2007 (FAIR USE Act). The bill's aim is to help put an end to the madness circulating around the general imbalance that has befallen copyright in recent years."

Submission + - Microsoft slugs Mac users with Vista tax

An anonymous reader writes: Mac users wanting to run Vista on their Macintosh will have to buy an expensive version of Vista if they want to legally install it on their systems. The end-user license agreement for the cheaper versions of Vista (Home Basic and Home Premium) explicitly forbids the use of those versions on virtual machines (ie Macs pretending to be PCs).

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