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Comment Re:Tech Generation? (Score 1) 275

"Technology" was probably too generic of a word, but don't sound so offended. What percent of 70-year-olds you know would have the first clue about bypassing an Internet filter? This post isn't about the few people at the leading edge of a field, or people changing oil in their cars, it's talking about the average person off of the street bypassing an Internet filter.

Comment Re:Games don't use multiple cores? (Score 1) 354

The OS can't load balance if you don't break your code up into enough threads. For example, If you have 6 threads that each take ~10 seconds, sure the OS should handle it. If you instead only break that code up into 2 threads, one taking 50 seconds and one taking 10 seconds, there's not much the OS can do.

Comment Re:Anyone else see 60 Minutes tonight? (Score 1) 187

Thought the demonstration of BT was interesting (at ~5:00): "...and you're downloading the movie right now?" "that's right" "the bits moving away...are pieces we have and are sharing with someone else." So CBS was participating in the very activity their program was out to show is illegal...interesting.

Comment Re:OOh (Score 1) 803

Sounds to me like the parent is speaking of multiple partitions on the same disk. While this is theoretically fine, when I'm doing things like upgrading my OS and wiping a partition, having all of my data so close makes me nervous. I have them on separate partitions on separate disks and it makes me feel better.

Comment Re:Skype (Score 1) 198

UDP would actually better here, since UDP packets are send-and-forget, though you're not guaranteed delivery. Over a high-latency network, you don't want to bother re-transmitting anything for voice communications, because like the above poster said you'd have seconds of silence waiting for the retransmissions.

Comment Re:No sense... (Score 1) 541

I don't think having the government run everything would work out so well, but this canard that it's inherently inefficient and private enterprise always does it better has got to be put to bed.

Private business always has an incentive to do things more efficiently! The government has no competition, but the companies compete with each other in order to achieve the highest profits. Whether or not they pass those savings on to the consumer in the form of lower prices is another story...

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