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Submission + - A DIY 3D sensor with open-source support (

avxo writes: While scoping out GDC, I ran across the team behind the DUO, a 3D sensor that they are recently unveiled. We got to talking, and they showed me a live demo, which was, for lack of a better term amazing. The accuracy and speed at which they were able to track my fingers and the erratic motions I was making was flat out insane, and some of the "natural UI" demos with games make the Kinect look like something from the 80s. What surpr me was the intensity of those guys and their desire to license their sensor under Creative Commons and to support Linux with a driver. They're currently in the process kickstarting the production of the sensor, so if we, as an open source community, want a good and open solution that caters to those of us who want to tinker, supporting them seems like a good idea.

Submission + - Dotcom: We've hit the jackpot (

avxo writes: According to an article on the New Zealand Herald, Kim Dotcom claims that his team has evidence showing that the Department of Homeland Security served a search warrant on Megaupload in 2010, forcing it to preserve pirated movies. According to Mr. Dotcom those preserved movies are the center of the latest legal battle. He added: “[t]he FBI used the fact the files were still in the account of the ... user to get the warrant to seize our own domains. This is outrageous.”

Submission + - Underage teenager doesn't need ID to fly (

avxo writes: This boy managed to get through security and fly without showing any kind of ID using his mother's credit card to buy a ticket in her name. Despite the hubbub about the TSA requiring approved IDs, to verify identity and cross-check names against secret lists and how all that is supposed to make us more secure, the TSA's own bloggers are trying to spin this as some kind of success since "no dangerous items made it on the plane." Makes perfect sense, no?

Submission + - New AES attack documented

avxo writes: Bruce Schneier covers a new cryptanalytic related-key attack on AES that is better than brute force with a complexity of 2^119. According to an e-mail by the authors: 'We also expect that a careful analysis may reduce the complexities. As a preliminary result, we think that the complexity of the attack on AES-256 can be lowered from 2^119 to about 2^110.5 data and time. We believe that these results may shed a new light on the design of the key-schedules of block ciphers, but they pose no immediate threat for the real world applications that use AES.'
Utilities (Apple)

Submission + - MacBook audio blues

avxo writes: The new MacBook is, by most accounts, a sleek machine and pretty fast for a laptop. Except when you run Windows in BootCamp, that is. Because then, if you try to listen to any audio, all you will get is horrible skips. While this sounds like something that should be Microsoft's fault, the guy behind the Windows driver for the PS3EYE camera decided to do some debugging, and not only figured the root cause out, but instead of waiting for Apple to fix this in the next version of the BootCamp drivers, simply decided to release the fix himself!
If only he could fix Vista...

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