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Submission + - Boron nitride nanotubes even stronger than carbon ones (

hypnosec writes: According to a recently published study in Applied Physics Letters, boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) are much stronger than their carbon counterparts with the former offering more strength per unit of weight. Researchers have already been attracted to boron nitride for the fact that just like carbon it can form single-atom-thick sheets and can be rolled into cylinders to create nanotubes. The nanotubes by themselves offer the same level of strength as the legendary carbon nanotubes, but the real deal is when composite materials are created using these nanotubes that offer higher levels of strength.

Submission + - Shadowplay Offers Space-Age Fashion Inspired by Hubble Photography (

fangmcgee writes: You don't have to master faster-than-light travel to gaze upon galaxies far, far away. Shadowplay NYC, an independent label based in the Big Apple, has done the legwork for you. Founded by Ximena Chouza and Ali Bennaim, two "space-obsessed" Parsons graduates, Shadowplay uses its one-of-a-kind skirts, tops, and dresses to draw distant celestial bodies into a much more personal orbit: yours. Each piece is digitally custom-printed with actual images from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, which has captured vast networks of gas clouds and star clusters tens of thousands of light years away.

Submission + - Starbucks On First Name Terms, Internet Says No (

hypnosec writes: From Wednesday 14 March 2012, Starbucks is going to get personal with its customers — on a first name basis.

It's true, caffeine titan Starbucks is launching a campaign aiming to offer a more personalised service for its consumers. Instead of calling out the order of 'super skinny latte with hazelnut lashings hold the cream', they'll call you by your name. Kind of like a school register, but without calling the barista 'Sir' or 'Miss'.

"Have you noticed how everything seems a little impersonal nowadays?", its website asks wistfully. "We've all become user names, reference numbers and IP addresses.

"From now on, we won't refer to you as a 'latte' or a 'mocha', but instead as your folks intended: by your name," the coffee chain claims.


Submission + - Walking may lessen the influence of genes on obesity by half (

techgeek0279 writes: "Watching too much TV can worsen your genetic tendency towards obesity, but you can cut the effect in half by walking briskly for an hour a day, researchers report at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention/Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism meeting this week."

Submission + - Emissions Set to Surge 50 pct by 2050: OECD

An anonymous reader writes: Global greenhouse gas emissions could rise 50 percent by 2050 without more ambitious climate policies, as fossil fuels continue to dominate the energy mix, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said on Thursday.

"Unless the global energy mix changes, fossil fuels will supply about 85 percent of energy demand in 2050, implying a 50 percent increase in greenhouse gas emissions and worsening urban air pollution," the OECD said in its environment outlook to 2050.

Submission + - Self-Tuning Guitar - Friend or Foe? (

avirrey writes: "The Technology Review has an interesting article on a Gibson Self-Tuning Guitar. Purist argue that you shouldn't need a guitar that self-tunes. Others argue that this will allow an artist to change tuning with one 'favorite' guitar, instead of having to swap out between songs."

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