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Comment Re:China Ain't Too Bright (Score 4, Informative) 208

Which part of the country do you live in? In general it seems you're correct. However it's worth mentioning that out here in the frozen prairies much of the current economic strength, especially in Saskatchewan, has been coming from potash. You can't hear a discussion about potash and not hear China mentioned at least once, China is a huge buyer of the potash produced here. The price of potash has gone up significantly in recent years and they rely on it. Having China refuse to buy potash might not hurt people out in the east, but in the prairies we certainly would be impacted by it.

Comment Re:Seems like I need a subject line to post... (Score 1) 1359

I have to second this post, privacy, free expression and rights are good here in Saskatchewan (Canada). But you had better be prepared to deal with the long -20 C to -40 C winter and the slow switch to +30 C to +40 C summer. Only a million people live in this province. I wonder why.. that said, if you don't mind the weather it's a good place to live. :)

Submission + - Slashdot FireHose Beta Sneak Preview

Davak writes: "The old fogey slashdot has announced a new (dare I say, Web 2.0) youthful, digg-like voting system-Firehose. This new code is described as a "collaborative system designed to allow users to assist editors in the story selection process." This review of the Firehose describes the new features and implications of this new system. For example, much of Firehose's AJAX eye candy is built around yahoo's ajax toolkit."

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