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Comment Open source isn't the exception, it's the norm (Score 4, Informative) 10

I work in this field, and outside of the commercial pharma companies, the general rule is that all the data goes public and that all the code written is open source. All the big publicly funded agencies, and certainly all the research councils here in the UK, follow this principle. Admittedly some people do sit on the data a bit longer than they should before releasing it, but in principle it all goes public and freely available.

Want to find open, public data in genomic science, or contribute to an open database? - fill your boots:
Want to find new open-source algorithms for genome analysis? There are so many it's hard to keep up -

In the EU, there is so much data in public databases they had to start a pan-European effort called ELIXIR just to try and work out how they were going to handle all the data curation work.

So, not to take anything away from this fine project, the idea that it's special because it's open source or because scientists are collaborating widely is just plain silly.


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