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Comment Shell Mode & Magit FTW (Score 1) 131

My typical Emacs session has 3-4 Shell Mode buffers, each typically with tens of thousands of lines of input and output (often spanning weeks or months of work). I watch co-workers running in xterms (or equivalent), running commands repeatedly to see their output or using "more" (or "less"), or not catching or remembering some error message or whatever and I just cringe internally. I want to scream "It's 2016--you can have a searchable record of more than the last screenful of output!". But I don't :-) I explicitly try to extend my Emacs skills periodically and it's had great pay-off. Earlier this year a co-worker introduced me to Magit (a Git UI that runs inside Emacs). It took a little while to get the hang of it, but it's been a life-changer. Check it out. -- Happy Emacs user since 1980.

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