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Submission + - CST-01 - World's Thinnest Watch (fancymaterial.com)

autospa writes: The CST-01 is an amazing combination of simple and sophisticated watch design. It is 0.80mm thin flexible and all the components are inserted into a 0.5mm piece of flexible stainless steel. The CST-01 display composed of E Ink and it is powered by a micro energy cell. The price tag is $129 which also includes the base station charger.

Submission + - Facebook Has Hit 1 Trillion Page Views This June (geeksuper.com) 2

autospa writes: "According to recent report of Time magazine’s TechLand Facebook has officially hit almost 1 Trillion page reviews and the figures are released for web traffic in June. These pages reviews are because of 870 million visitors who are about 120 million greater than that of registered users of Facebook; this difference resulted due to non-registers Facebook users who are directed to Facebook from search engine or other social media links."

Submission + - Bulletproof Skin Developed From Spider Silk (geeksuper.com)

autospa writes: "A bulletproof skin has developed by Dutch artist Jalila Essaidi with the collaboration of Forensic Genome Consortium Netherlands for her project 2.6g 329m/s. This skin is made up of human skins cells and spider silk and for this artist grafted spider silk between epidermis and dermis. The bulletproof skin can withstand from a .22 calibre Long Rifle bullet if it is fired at a low speed. However, this skin hasn’t a capability to repel a bullet that fired from a .22 calibre rifle at normal speed. For Essaidi, it is a great achievement and now she is waiting for the conversation that will be generated after exhibit of this skin."

Submission + - As America Scorches, Pipes Burst Across the Nation

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Thom Patterson writes that, triggered by this summer's record high temperatures, hundreds of crucial water pipelines have burst across the nation, temporarily shutting off water to countless consumers just when they need it most — a clear sign that Americans should brace for more water interruptions, accompanied by skyrocketing water bills. "It's the heat and the high water usage," says Debbie Ragan of Oklahoma City's Utilities Department, adding that as days of 100 degree-plus temperatures bake the region, the utility has reported 685 water main breaks since July alone, four times the normal rate. Much of the nation's underground water lines are 80 to 100 years old — and approaching the end of their lives as the shifting climate brings more droughts, record high temperatures and other weather conditions that will damage water infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers grades the nation's water infrastructure at a D minus as the EPA estimates that the cost of replacing these aging drinking water utilities will be $334 billion between 2007 and 2027 in new infrastructure. "I don't see that there's any way, other than rate increases for most cities given the size of the financial need," says George Hawkins, general manager of Washington, DC's Water and Sewer Authority. "I think this industry is in for huge challenges with our customers.""

Submission + - iTableous - A Giant iPhone 4 Prototype Without iOS (geeksuper.com)

autospa writes: "iTableous is a giant iPhone 4 Prototype that hasn’t a capability to run iOS yet it has a power to entertain you through games. Designer Benjamin Bachmeier set up a 40-inch screen, not a touchscreen but a Toshiba LED LCD monitor that is connected to a PS3 and a Hackintosh that also supports Windows 7 OS platform."

Submission + - First Annual Philly Geek Awards (geeksuper.com)

autospa writes: "The people, who are fans of latest gadgets and technology, surely have great interest in First Annual Geek Awards that will be held at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, on Friday, Aug. 19. This red carpet, black tie event is going to arrange for honoring the City’s geekiest. The purpose of this event is to recognize those who have done something exceptional in the city's tech-savvy community."

Submission + - NASA Provides Chatroom, Live Feeds for Meteor Show

oxide7 writes: August's Perseid meteor shower has historically been providing the best opportunity for enthusiasts to catch meteor shows, but this year the Internet will let casual observers enjoy the show live online. Serious viewers can also join NASA astronomer Bill Cooke and his team in a live online chat to ask questions and get expert insight into the event as it unfolds.

Submission + - Electricity Production Via CO2, A New Plan (geeksuper.com)

autospa writes: "Some Genius Scientists of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory came with a plan of electricity production through CO2 and they already received the $5 million funds for making this plan actually feasible. According to this plan, the scientist will use the geothermally heated carbon dioxide for spinning the turbines."

Submission + - Human Powered Helicopter World Record (geeksuper.com)

autospa writes: "University of Maryland student have set the world record of pilot human powered helicopter, students achieve this milestone by flying Gamera — a human-powered helicopter for more than 12 seconds inside the university's campus. However, they missed the Sikorsky Prize of $250,000 by the American Helicopter Society as they were unable to reach the goal."

Submission + - HP Going To Launch Web Operating System Based Smar (buzzever.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The email asks webOS apps developers belonging to HP’s Early Access Program to check the compatibility of the apps with the Pre 3 using the emulator to be released this week. It has been claimed that the Pre 3 is going to be the most powerful smartphone from HP. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 processor, has a high resolution (480×800) 3.58 capacitive touch screen, and a slide out QWERTY keypad that will be easy to type on. It will come in a streamlined design with sturdy structure.
Security and privacy will be given top priority, since it is aimed at business professionals. Also integrated for business users is Office Suite for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with Google Docs and Box.net for the ultimate office portability. It will also feature Push mail.


Submission + - Carzor Razor, The Best a Man Can Get (geeksuper.com)

autospa writes: This amazing razor comes with a mirror so you are free to enjoy on-the-go shaving through it. When you fullfil your purpose then you can fold Crazor and it will take the shape of a credit card so can be fit readily into your wallet. Don’t forget to remove the blades before folding it otherwise they will cut your money. The good thing is that you are free to choose any scent, lemon, wood, and mint, ocean or orange aromas ,which you want for glide strip on Carzor.

Submission + - Scientists Discovered 20-Million Year-Old Ape Skul (geeksuper.com)

autospa writes: The scientists of Uganda and French brought a surprise for us in the form of the fossil of a skull of a tree-climbing ape. This skill is discovered from Karamoja that is a semi-arid region in Uganda's northeastern corner. According to information, the scientists had obtained the remains on 18 July exactly when they were searching the fossils in the remnants of an extinct volcano in Karamoja.

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