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Comment It's a matter of trust (Score 1) 617

Usually politicians ignore most of what science says and they go their merry way making laws regardless of the outcome. But now we have politicians wholeheartedly embracing what science is saying about climate change.

I tend to trust scientists a whole lot more than I trust politicians. Who am I to believe when they agree with each other? I believe politicians are seeing the climate change issue as an opportunity to grab more power over people. And the way politicians are heading with their solution to climate change is generally leading towards totalitarianism. It's their nature; they're all like that.

Maybe if we could just separate the politics from the science there wouldn't be nearly as many denying the science.

Comment Re: Trump is right on this, as on many things (Score 1) 526

You would not read, nor would you believe, the full list. You're damned and determined to vote for Hillary no matter what and nothing we say or type will change your mind. Why then should we bother giving you evidence? If you wanted to, you could find it all with a simple Google search.

For example:
Do you know what the word "Arkancide" means?

Comment Re:Ah yes ethics (Score 1) 68

It would be nice to have an ethical government, but there never has been one in the history of the world. It seems that government and ethics are like matter and antimatter - they can't coexist.

It would help if the citizens were educated and aware and actually took part in running their own countries. I guess that's asking for too much.

Comment Re:Wrong question (Score 1) 537

Your post makes more sense than all the others added together.

We have a lot of people, generally younger than 40, who have no perspective on history and how far we've come. And those under 25 have even less. I tend to blame the schools for not teaching history properly, but the blame may lie with our culture in general. There's too much focus on "me" and not enough focus on "thee".

I don't know were the idea came from that our goal should be utopia, because we're never going to get there. Humans are just not evolved enough to handle a utopia. We probably never will be.

Techies should just do what they're good at and enjoy doing. Leave the rest up to those with a broader education. I don't want any group of specialists trying to run the world.

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