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Comment Re:They own the networks and content (Score 1) 126

1. I keep cable for sports. Yeah, some ESPN streams, but there are far more sports channels available on cable than you can get streaming.
2. My internet service comes in on the same cable and it averages 66 Mbps.

I also watch a LOT of movies - old movies, newer movies, bad movies, good movies. If I watched that many movies at the local theater, I'd spend way more than cable costs, and the bathroom is cleaner and closer. The snacks are cheaper, too.

I'm an Amazon Prime customer so I get their streaming service by default, but I pay the yearly fee for the shipping benefits. I rarely watch anything from Amazon.

Comment Re:I've noticed that, but something else interesti (Score 1) 154

I have the voice on my GPS turned off. I already know my way around, or at least have a mental image of where I'm at and where I'm going. Leaving the voice off makes me look at the signs and compare them to the map. I do like the ETA feature when I'm going to or coming back from work. Understand that my work could be anywhere in half dozen states and hundreds of cities and towns.

Don't let the device lead you; instead think of it as a digital map. Keep north at the top of the screen. Learn the way streets are laid out. Avenues and streets east-west or north-south? Different cities do it differently. Roads and highways are numbered -- north-south are odd numbers and east-west are even numbers. And never forget that the sun rises in the east. :)

I've spent my whole career (40+ years) going to places I had never been to before. Back in the days before GPS all I needed to learn about a city was a paper map and a phone book. Paper maps were generally free from the local chamber of commerce - all you had to do was ask. I've never been lost driving. Been turned around and bewildered a couple of times backpacking, though.

Comment Re: Bullshit. (Score 2) 151

I have been traveling on the job for 41 years and have stayed in hundreds of motel rooms. Those paintings and bedspreads and carpet are nearly all the same, at least in rooms within the same chain. A room at Days Inn will be just about like any other room anywhere at a Days Inn. It's the GPS coordinates that will help the cops.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1, Interesting) 149

Kids who grow up in a family that has a car of any kind now are not learning how to drive. Driver education is just about a complete failure. The written tests and road tests to get your license are a joke.

I have about 2 million miles of driving experience and I've just about seen it all. Very few people really know how to drive and phones have made a bad situation worse. I wish they would get off the road and leave the driving to people who know how to do it right.

Instead of self-driving cars we need to have all vehicles equipped with manual transmissions and have real tests of a person's driving ability. I guarantee it would remove 75% of drivers (or more) from the road. Wanta drive, kid? Show how much you want it by learning how or take public transportation.

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