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Comment Re:let the debates begin (Score 4, Interesting) 23

Who would side with criminals? This isn't script kiddies or freedom of speech protests. It isn't even the search for aliens or nude pictures of celebrities.

This is not people who say 'you left a security hole open so I used it, here's what you can do to fix it'. This is people who say, you have a security hole, or I'm going to make one for you, and now I'm going to also steal your money.

This is simply theft. It's as if they stole the snail mail from these businesses that contained payment checks and forged their names as the recipient and cashed them. That it was done via an electronic MITM is just a detail.

There are lots of places that condone thievery/criminal activity. I suppose the AC of /. could be one of them, but generally I think /. still understand the difference between the actions of hackers and the actions of criminals.

Comment Law Enforcement/Customs/etc (Score 1) 138

People are sometimes being compelled to give up their passwords for devices when they cross borders. This could potentially require a person to provide his fingerprint (already required to cross some borders, for some people) and his/her face/voice.

I think this could make it easier for governments to get in your knickers.

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