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Comment Re:MS08-067 Still Out There? (Score 1) 184

Who the hell is still using operating system software that hasn't been patched since October 2008?

ATM's still run Windows XP, many Point of Sale systems too. If you've ever paid close attention in a doctor's office, the computer they are running is very likely XP, maybe Vista or 7. Hardware-controlling computers may even go back to Windows 98 due to their ability to read/write directly to hardware and do in-line controlling with ease.

It's just not feasible to keep medical equipment up-to-date with the latest OS for various reasons, not the least of which is it's bundled as a unit and costs many tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars. Cost becomes non-trivial real quick.

Comment Re:Stop shopping there (Score 1) 247

Exactly this. People don't realize their wallets have the power. Sure, there's going to be the occasional time when you *need* that free 2-day shipping for whatever reason. Most of the time you can shop around. Between Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and a handful of others you can find most anything you would need.

Shop around, find the best price/delivery that works for you, and keep these assholes in competition with one another.

Comment Re:Not in Canada... (Score 1) 506

It's interesting that people kept working. I've run into a number of people that would stop working entirely if given the opportunity. Hell, I know some people now that do the bare minimum to get by, often living off of Ramen or the cheapest fast food they can dig up, and living with family or as cheap of place as they can find. These are people with next to no ambition, who find the greatest enjoyment sitting in front of a TV letting the world pass them by.

I have no idea what the distribution in work ethic is, or even how it could be accurately measured, but if it's anything like a bell curve then there's going to be a not insignificant number of people just riding the (thin) gravy train.

Comment Re:Common? (Score 1) 56

Steve is remarkably common. Why I was in a meeting with 2 of them a few months ago. I was also on a project where the PM, the Tech Lead, and the IT support were all "Steve". The other two main contacts on that contract were honorary Steves too.

The real question is why didn't people notice Steve until now? Did slashdot really need to run a front-page story to get us to notice Steve?

Comment Re:FSF = not practical (Score 3, Interesting) 169

I'm gonna go ahead and channel my inner RMS:

Free software is winning. What is the most popular OS kernel? Is there a modern computer or mobile device that doesn't run GNU software? Do you think companies like Google would open source their software if free software was losing?

Android itself is not open source. There is the Android Open-Source Project which, last I checked, was more than a few version behind what the latest flagship phone ships with. Google appears to be slowing down with the contributions to AOSP, which is why Cyanogenmod started in the first place.

Sure GNU/Linux runs on damned near anything, but it is still a bit niche. Android being the exception, most people don't know or care that Linux is running on that webserver, or that router, or their TV.

  I don' t keep up with what Google has open-sourced... but their primary revenue source (us, ads specifically) and their search algorithms are still proprietary. Have they published the bottom-to-top design and software of their search system? Their datacenters?

What about the internet? It was all proprietary, closed systems before free software and protocols set us free.

There's a difference here. Open protocols vs open software. Internet explorer uses an open protocol, but is not free (as in speech) itself. If Microsoft had the pull to force everyone to use their own proprietary protocol/format, you can bet your ass they'd monetize it. Just look at the ODF/OOXML battle a few years back. Microsoft wanted to keep office document formats locked into their own MS Office format.

Netflix will give us DRM one day. They would do it now I think, if it were not required for licencing the material they offer.

Netflix already has DRM. They have since day one. Their original web player used MS Silverlight because it could handle DRM and was more difficult to hack than Flash (the bar was low). Now with HTML5 supporting DRM, they can move away from the defunct Silverlight, while maintaining that control over distribution and keeping the MAFIAA happy.

Think how much worse things would be without free software.

I have no doubt that things would be worse without free software. I think the GPL has done some great things and kept companies honest about using great, freely available software. There has even been government (Munich, some others) action to move away from vendor lock-in, and those guys are routinely the hardest to break away from the status quo. Unfortunately, the masses don't really *care* if the software is free, non-malicious, openly inspect-able and modifiable. Ask any Apple fanboi why they chose Apple, and the answer is probably "It just works. I can buy other Apple stuff and it all just works together". The truth is 90+% of the population don't want to tinker with stuff, they just want to get whatever job done.

Comment Re:I tried them all recently (Score 1) 58

The wife and I use Wunderlist to stay on top of things. The shared feature of it is actually really nice. We run out of something, add it to the groceries list and whomever does the shopping next knows what to get.

And before anyone says "how 'bout you two talk"... It's hard to keep everything straight with 2 busy kid schedules too.

Comment Re:How to make your Rights illegal. (Score 2) 249

As someone who has done purchasing for the government, part of the training emphasizes accountability to the public. The whole reason there's so many signatures for approval for every penny spent with a GPC is to be able to report this sort of thing when presented with a FOIA. Not to mention being able to tell Congress (through command chain) just how much money was spent and on what. There's more transparency than many realize. With that transparency comes more paperwork validating and approving every step of the process (and thus, more 'wasted money').

That said, there's definitely room for improvement. GPC folks are encouraged (mostly forced) to shop through GSA Advantage, since prices are "pre-competed". Which if you look, you'll find inflated prices for damned near everything. The Gov will gladly spend $150 on a $90 software license because it's through GSA and not NewEgg.

Comment Re:Fewer "Sick Days" (Score 1) 177

Exactly this. Nurses don't need sick days to get stuff done during normal business hours. I've known nurses that work 12 hour shifts 3 days a week, leaving the other 4 to do whatever they need to do. Play with the kids, get groceries, etc...

Now, having those nurses work 6 hour days? You're talking double the staff. If they did that, I'm sure salaries would go down. Then we have a whole different problem.

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