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Comment Re:i'd like a water proof phone (Score 1) 296

So get a waterproof case. I would think that inductive charging and having to keep the phone in one area would be opposite what you would want underwater. I can barely get bluetooth headphones to work worth a crap 10 feet away in air, I would guess in water would be even worse.

Comment Re:or, maybe Google screwed up "ownership" (Score 3, Informative) 163

Due to custom compilation of hardware. The OS requires firmware for all of the interfaces and chips. While you may be able to get away with a "One size fits all" solution like Ubuntu on an AMD/Intel chip, there's a huge variety of ARM version chips out there, each with different clock speeds and (presumably) instruction sets. Not to mention all the different WiFi, Bluetooth, and GSM/Edge antennae.

The only way I can see this working is if Android becomes a microkernel, and Google sticks its tentacles into everything around it. That way the OEM is only responsible for a microkernel.

Any embedded developers out there with more info?

Comment Poisoning the well... (Score 2) 75

I wouldn't put it past MS to use this to get a foot in the door, get some users hooked on whatever migration... then start belly-aching about how stuff is "locked down" and "incompatible" with what they really want in a device. Then we get the return of Windows Phone. Like Clippy, it will never truly die.

Comment Re:SystemD? (Score 1) 521

Systemd is a cancer and it will keep spreading until the host is dead. Just like cancer it's not malicious, it sincerely believes it knows better than the healthy cells it's infecting, but that doesn't make it less lethal.

You've just described every brilliant villain in film, comics, and television in the past 50 years. Magneto genuinely believes in what he's doing. Kahn was trying to save his people at any cost.

Next on SyFy: "SystemD, the final countdown"

Comment Re:What does Netcraft say? (Score 1) 505

RHEL7 here. default these days is Gnome 3.14.something.

While I much prefer KDE to Gnome, truth of the matter is many applications just behave nicer with GDK than they do with QT. KDE crashes on my regularly so I've had to adapt to Gnome. I'd use cinnamon, but that too crashes on me regularly. At home KDE glows the rest out of the water for me. I've got it configured to drop the OpenGL prettiness when I launch an OpenGL game, and it works wonders on frame rates. I also tend not to use some of the bells and whistles like "charms" and the alternate desktop stuff (not multiple, but the workspace context switching, whatever its called).

Funny, for all the rabid discontent and gnashing teeth in Gnome3's direction, it's the only stable DE for me these days.

Comment Re:Just stop raising cows (Score 1) 189

Sure, eating healthier has its benefits, but not everyone is able to survive on a strict vegan, or even vegetarian, diet.

My Vegan Diet Almost Killed Me talks about orthorexia, which stems from "righteous fixation on healthy eating". Lets not forget Death by Veganism where two vegan parents were convicted of murder, involuntary manslaughter, and cruelty to their 6 month old child. Anecdotally, I have a vegetarian friend whose pediatrician told her she needed to start eating meat to promote the health and growth of her infant. The diet has worked well for her for years (decades?), yet when faced with breastfeeding, it just wasn't high enough on proteins the kid could use for growing up.

Everyone's body chemistry is different and we all have different dietary needs. You could have also pointed out those regions whose diets typically result in longer lifetimes (read: basically every diet that isn't "American"). As can be seen here:

The lower mortality from ischemic heart disease among vegetarians was greater at younger ages and was restricted to those who had followed their current diet for >5 y. Further categorization of diets showed that, in comparison with regular meat eaters, mortality from ischemic heart disease was 20% lower in occasional meat eaters, 34% lower in people who ate fish but not meat, 34% lower in lactoovovegetarians, and 26% lower in vegans. There were no significant differences between vegetarians and nonvegetarians in mortality from cerebrovascular disease, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, or all other causes combined.

From this study we see that an asian diet (lots of vegetables, some fish, very little red meat) is actually better that strict veganism.

While I haven't actually read all of the articles you linked, I would suggest that lowering the amount of deep fried foods, fatty red meat, and focusing more on fish and vegetables would be promote overall health for a wider number of people.

Comment Re:Easy. (Score 2) 110

Playing devil's advocate (and kinda sounding like a gov shill... sigh...):

Sorry for my sloth I correct in understanding that the NSA knew about security holes in important aspects of our cyber infrastructure, and rather than report them so they could be fixed, they sat on them so they could use them "to protect us"?

Considering how much of the global gov/economy mimics the US in terms of software/hardware used, it's not just the U.S. that is vulnerable to these exploits. Just sayin'.

They knowing left these holes open, with no idea (nor any way of knowing) whether or not any criminals were exploiting these holes already, to our detriment?

What? And help our adversaries protect their low-hanging fruit?

I'd say they aren't just failing to do their job, they are knowingly doing the opposite of their job. Their conscious inaction put at-risk those they are supposed to protect, is therefore unethical, and constitutes an enormous breach of trust given their position of authority.

Here you have a good point. There's this concept of organizational charters for the government. It's the CIA's job to look outside our borders, the FBI's to enforce federal laws within our borders, and the NSA? to grope us at airport terminals? Why are they around again?

They should all burn. I don't give a shit who spilled the beans, I want the decision-makers at the top to be thrown in jail for this.

Of course...I am not super-rich, so I won't get my way.

You should know that's not the way the gov works. You get a demotion and shoved in some clerical job until you retire. It worked for Patreus, and he should have spent a good 25+ years in club fed. Of course, the gov often does the wrong thing for the right reasons and the only way we can instill any change is by voting for the lesser evil and actively participating in government. They won't listen to 100 or even 1000 people, but once you start getting into millions then maybe.

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