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Comment Day late and dollar short (Score 1) 74

MS used to have the best developer suite in the business. Visual Studio was awesome and much easier to use than it's competition... even though compiling things in Windows was always a pain in the ass with DLL hell and whatnot.

Linux has been bundled with the basics to develop pretty much all along. If not, it's easy to go to the package manager and get KDevelop, CodeBlocks, etc... and get all the stuff you (likely) need in 3 minutes. OSX has hopped on that bandwagon years ago as well.

I'll consider using MS's offering if they make it easier than the competition. They've managed to come from behind (I'll double that entendre) before with good offerings. Lets see if they manage to this time around.

Comment Re:Sea level rise isn't the main problem (Score 4, Interesting) 352

or the other 99%ers that live in towns that are at or below sea level. The US has plenty of cities that could disappear. Eventually the Earth will recover on it's own (assuming we don't screw it up more), but I wont be around thousands of years from now when it does.

Comment Re:Bug of feature? (Score 1) 98

What's new is this is an exploit uses a hardware vulnerability, not a software vulnerability. While Ars is lacking specific details, the article reads as though it's a vulnerability in a common type of memory chip (or controller thereof) and doesn't depend on a specific version of Android or Dalvik. That sounds different to me, but I'm no expert.

Comment Re:Really... (Score 2) 115

The Comcast/TWC merger would have created a supercompany with something like 60% or more of the US ISP marketshare. AT&T buying Time Warner (the media company) is akin to Comcast and NBC/Universal, which did happen. AT&T is just following a previously approved, comcastic plan to pad the CEO's wallets and gauge the customers (read: peasants) wallets.

Comment Re:Really... (Score 3, Insightful) 115

What's not to like?

AT&T buys out Time Warner, they then save millions (billions?) in licensing and broadcast fees. They can also potentially cut out a lot of middle management, saving a few more million. They can then proceed to jack up the fees that other cable providers pay, because lets face it, they can and the other providers will pay up. Then once their operating costs are lower and income is higher, the savings get passed on to C-men (and women) in the form of bonuses and such for a "job well done".

The customer? Meh, we're the only game in town so they'll pay whatever price we tell them to.

Comment Re:Almost at 5.0?? (Score 2) 76

That's because 2.6.40 became 3.0. If memory serves, it was just because Linus was getting tired of incrementing 2.6.n and there weren't any changes big enough to warrant a major version increase, so he just moved 2.6.40 to 3.0.

Looking at kernel version history and assuming no big changes that would mean major/minor release number changes, kernel 4.9 would otherwise be somewhere around 2.6.69.

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