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Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 1) 219

I'm not sure why you think so, it's pretty standard to pay according to what you consume when supply (capacity) is limited.

I agree that for consumables it makes sense. I pay x dollars a gallon for water and n dollars per kilowatt hour of electricity at home. I would agree that "pay for what you consume" makes sense for broadband, both mobile and at home, if the charges themselves actually made sense. Even $0.05 per text is absurd, considering each message is a low-bandwidth near-tweet using a (formerly or mostly) empty emergency channel. The "true" cost per tweet is negligible. Similarly with broadband, the "true" cost of a gigabyte is in the noise and is somewhat lost in the cost of hardware, facilities, cooling, staff, line crews, etc... (All things *any* service provider has in their costs, like utility companies).

The reason we end up paying for what we consume with utilities is because the cost of production, transport, and waste is measurable. We can measure cost per gallon of water. We can measure kilowatt hour generation, storage, and delivery to a house. How do we measure something that we can make an infinite number of copies of, if the cost to make a copy is near zero?

Comment Re:Single payer system would avoid this problem (Score 1) 325

Another problem in this vein is that no other industry deals directly with saving human lives. With that are extraordinary costs for insurance due to malpractice, wrongful death lawsuits, etc... The doctor may only see $60 per hour, but the amount of insurance that comes with every surgery is immense. With the U.S. being so litigation happy, it's no wonder we see $4k for one hour in the E.R. If grandma dies under the knife, theres a strong chance that the family is going to file a suit against the hospital, which could cost them millions.

Comment Re:Verizon Has Issues (Score 1) 209

Some years ago it did work in a way similar to that. I was on a family plan with 1000 shared minutes (we weren't big talkers... more texts). One time we did manage to go over and got a big bill. Turned out one was trying to reach the DMV or whatever and kept calling, didn't realize that each call counted as 1 min. Yes, they tried roughly 300 times total in one day. So I went onto T-Mobiles site and limited minutes for *every* phone. Next time the boundary was hit, they could only make emergency and in-family calls, which don't count toward the limit.

Most Android phones have some data usage tracking built in, so you can monitor in real-time. A few CM images I've used will notify and/or cut off data once the limit is reached.

All of the above means the account owner must be proactive and either get their account set up for that, or use their phone to help. That's probably asking too much for most people.

Comment Re:Pretty simple actually.... (Score 1) 536

Continuing on this thread (at least, in my mind) is the lack of focus on betterment as a whole. Our society idolizes movie stars, musicians and athletes... None of which are known to focus on making the world a better place. The general public knows "that guy from the Fast & Furious movie", not that Paul Walker bought a miitary couples engagement ring. Or the NFL player that takes kids on a shopping spree. No, the general public is too concerned about who plays the Super Bowl halftime show, and who is in the game.

As long as the media spends 3 weeks overanalyzing Kim Kardashians red carpet attire and not the newest life-saving tech/medicine/advancements, this trend will keep going.

Comment Re:Excellent - NetBeans is vastly superior to Ecli (Score 1) 69

I too hate that Eclipse seems to be the de-facto standard. For me, if it doesn't overrun its memory limits (which I have set to 1G), it freezes, crashes, refuses to save files, and otherwise can be best described as acting like a child.
Me: Save the file
Eclipse: I don't wanna
Me: Save the bloody file
Eclipse: No, and now I'm not going to talk to you
Me: Go to timeout (pkill -9 java)
...wait 3 min...
Me: Ready to save the file?
Eclipse: Save the file? Why didn't you say so earlier? I love saving files!
(face on keyboard)

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