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Submission + - Valve Releases Steam For Linux Client, Celebrates With Week-Long Sale

An anonymous reader writes: Valve on Thursday announced the release of its Steam for Linux client. You can download the client now for free from the Ubuntu Software Center. In typical Steam fashion, the company is celebrating the big day with a sale: over 50 Linux titles are now 50 percent to 75 percent off until 10:00AM PST on Wednesday, February 21. This means you have just under a week to take advantage, and should be plenty of time for Valve to set a new record in Steam for Linux downloads.

Comment Re:battery dock??? (Score 4, Insightful) 265

I agree with you. I absolutely love my Transformer Prime for the fact that I can charge it overnight and use it all day without having to recharge.

I spend perhaps 3-4 days a week in my car, visiting clients and attending trade shows etc. I never have to worry about the charge on my Prime. Does email, Citrix client, word processing, spreadsheets etc.

I also recently flew to China. On a budget airline that had no personal entertainment options, for over 10 hours. I watched several hours of TV shows during the flight. When I landed I still had more than 50% battery remaining. I stayed in several hotels with no Wifi. They had free internet over Ethernet only. A $6 USB-Ethernet adapter later and I was away. Moreover I was able to load photos from my camera directly onto the tablet through the full sized SD card slot and show them to clients/friends/family on the larger tablet screen.

At night I just left the keyboard dock in my luggage and just carried the tablet around. Visited a cafe or a bar, read a novel, surf on free WiFi. No recharging needed because during the day I had depleted the keyboard battery and not the tablet battery.

There are many reasons one would choose this form factor. I love it.

Comment Re:Question- How did scammers do this? (Score 1) 473

They call me fairly regularly, perhaps a couple of times a month. I simply hang up on them now, but when it first started (about a year ago) I used to have fun with them.

Indian Scammer: Sir, are you at your computer?
Me: Yes I am.
Indian Scammer: Sir, please click the start button on the bottom left of your computer screen.
Me: I have no start button.
Indian Scammer: Are you using Windows, sir?
Me: No.
Indian Scammer: Oh, you have an Apple computer.
Me: No, I use Ubuntu.
Indian Scammer: So you don't use Apple?
Me: No.
Indian Scammer: Please click the start button on the bottom left of your computer screen.

Repeat ad nauseam. I've kept them on the line for over minutes once. He said he would get his "manager" to help me and then just hung up.

Comment Re:Oh, stuff it. (Score 1) 469

I disagree in respects to their eReader. The Sony brand of eReaders are solid quality, much nicer than their plastic competitors. And they've very difficult to get a hold of. Sold out everywhere.

They might not have the tight integration to an online store like the kindle or nook, but their touch screen is fantastic.

Also, they are one of the most open eReaders out there. In fact, one of the main reasons I chose the Sony reader was the fact it can play basically any ebook format out there (kindle format excepted).

Comment Re:Caps Lock Idea... (Score 1) 586

Programming applications of the Caps Lock key aside, I think this move would stumble in the Asian market. I used to live in China, am married to a Chinese woman and deal everyday with people in HK, Taiwan and China.

My experience with everyone I met in these places is that they universally do not use the Shift key to capitalise. They will switch on Caps Lock - even for one letter in a sentence. My colleagues, friends and relatives in China all do this.

For example I will sit and watch my wife type. She will quickly tap the Caps Lock key, tap one single letter and then quickly tap Caps Lock again to turn it off. It does not break her typing flow at all, but it frustrates me because it feels inefficient. She has found a way that works for her and feels no need to change. It annoys her if I even mention it :)

So there will be some resistance from the many Chinese people who prefer Caps Lock to Shift.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 2, Informative) 391

There are investigative journalists, but they mostly write for the print publications (e.g. WSJ, Barrons etc). The majority are wires journalists. I'm curious as to the idea you have of journalists (glorified editors?).

We do have financial journalists who follow leads, cultivate contacts in business, government and industry groups. It's all about breaking a story. If you can find out from a source that the Chinese government will be imposing a tariff on bauxite ore before it is officially announced, that can make a huge difference in metals trading.

But there are also other journalists who follow important news stories. E.g. here are some recent headlines pulled from the wire:
DJ Asian Nations Must Stay Vigilant Over Flu - WHO
DJ Japan Hospitals Reject Patients With Fevers Amid Flu Scare
DJ Rwanda Names Ambassador To DR Congo After 10-year Break
DJ Burundi's Ruling Party Denies Forming Militia

So yes - there are investigative journalists :)

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 5, Informative) 391

AP and Thomson Reuters (while high quality news providers) are not the ONLY people putting reporters on the ground around the world. Dow Jones has over 2,000 reporters around the world. They also consistently win awards for best news provider, best financial news, journalist of the year etc. The only difference being Dow Jones doesn't give any news away for free. Plus they focus on business and financial news, not your standard "missing white girl" or human interest story.

Disclaimer - I work for Dow Jones. Not as a journalist, but with the journalists.

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