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Comment Re:IT is a customer service group (Score 2, Insightful) 576

It takes 5 minutes to boot in the morning because you consider being able to open a browser and see your Facebook page the end of booting, past network logins, antivirus updates, the corporate IM tool, and everything else.

Call me crazy, but I'd call the time from powering on the machine to arriving at a usable UI a pretty good definition of booting.

Comment Re:mac != unix (Score 1) 699

I'll grant you that OS X is UNIX-certified, but OS X is _not_ SVR4 UNIX.

That might be because OS X is from the BSD side of the family tree, not the System V side. It's not _supposed_ to be SVR4, or even like it. Both SysV and BSD are descendants of Unix, just with different heritage.

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