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Comment Re:Time to move. (Score 2) 377

To where? There isn't a country out there that isn't corrupt to the whims of the US that isn't ruled by someone just as bad.

Iceland is quite autonomous right now. They are a fully functional democracy with strong safeguards against these kinds of attacks to freedom. Besides, between geotermal activity and the cold climate a data center should be quite cheap to support there ;).

Comment Re:Teenage _____ Ninja _____ (Score 1) 481

I'd usually suggest we wait for a script or at least actual plot details but this is Bay, the script will just be drawings of things blowing up and pages from a Victoria's Secret catalog.

Screw it, bring on the explosions!!!

Hang on, the explosions are the part you are interested in? I beg to disagree. Bring on the Victoria's Secret models!

Just bring both! Long live to Bay!

Comment Re:inb4peta (Score 1) 204

Mod parent up! Best dolphin quote ever!

“For instance, on the planet Earth, man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much—the wheel, New York, wars and so on—whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man—for precisely the same reasons.”

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Comment Re:Arab spring my ass (Score 1) 302

This is just a single woman spreading conspiracy theories. And I know, that hormones can influence rational thought, but to throw away all logic just because some girl tells you strange stuff? If you were a muslim extremist with a very negative attitude towards the U.S., would you join a movement which is supposedly sponsored by the very same U.S.? If not, who are the actual people the Muslim Brotherhood consists of? American patriots?

I would certainly trust her more than a nobody who writes in slashdot and is unable to analyse the reality in a non-binary way. The US is supporting the muslim brotherhood using the same strategy that they used before. For instance, they supported the Taliban (see Rambo 3, the movie, for details). They also supported lots of repressive regimes in Latin America (I know, I am from Argentina).

Comment Re:Arab spring my ass (Score 0) 302

arab spring seems to be a shitty operation by u.s. to topple unfriendly governments to install their own islamist supporters and to oblige the countries to financial system.

Right. Which explains why one of the first governments that was overthrown in the "Arab Spring" was Egypt... a staunch US ally that the US had poured many billions of dollars into. Congratulations. You managed to set a new record for cluelessness.

I've dated a turkish journalist last summer (southern hemisphere summer). While we were dating, I asked her about the things that were happening in Egypt and who the "muslim brotherhood" are, she said exactly what the GP told you. They are a US intelligence thing or they were heavily infiltrated by them. I asked why would the US overthrow an allied government and she answered that they actually support the Muslim extremists in Turkey too (just a remainder: Turkey is a NATO country). The US does that to have leverage in the local politics.

I think that you (and not the GP) are the one who managed to set a new record for cluelessness.

Comment Re:Love (Score 2) 240

What if you are so socially fucked up that even paid girls interpret the awkwardness as being a narc?

Learn to play a musical instrument.

Another option is learning how to dance something. Tango worked great for me and it does not require you to move your hip. In fact, it is better if you don't do it at all, giving us wooden dancers an advantage.

Whatever you choose to do (playing or dancing), remember that it will not work for the first 2 or 3 years. It is a lot of hard work to be able to dance or play an instrument in a pleasant way. That's where being nerdy helps. We are experienced in taking big and long projects and keeping doing them without pause for years until we finally achieve what we want. Just make yourself sure that you will like the activity even if you are not able to pick up girls because of it.

Comment Re:They're not dropping nuclear (Score 1) 394

They aren't really dropping nuclear, they are exporting it across the Rhine to France. The analysis I've seen is the only way the Germans keep up with historic demand growth short of tanking their economy is to build more interconnects to France and let the French operate those horrible nuclear plants.

That's the same thing I was going to say. When you ride the TGV from Luxembourg to Paris, if you look to your right, near the horizon there are 4 or 5 nuclear power stations (that look like the one at the Simpson's Springfield). This is just across the border between Germany and France.

It is even more puzzling that in the case of a nuclear accident there Germany may still suffer the consequences, but the french get all the revenue from theses nuclear plant. Maybe, just maybe, Germany just found a complicated way to subsidize France in order to give more strength to the European Union. That's the only rational explanation I can make besides "germans are stupid".

Comment Re:Distractions (Score 1) 511

Regardless of the ages of the prospective employees, the question still stands: Would you rather have people who can write and do math, but have trouble with email, or those who are the opposite?

I would pair one of each and pay a 1/3 of a full salary to each one (and keep the 1/3 extra for myself).

Comment Re:Cheating should be rewarded, not penalized... (Score 1) 437

if the purpose of education is to prepare for life in the "real world". Cheating is a part of everyday life and if you are going to compete in a world of cheats, you need to refine your cheating skills as early as possible. How else are you supposed to be a competent financial analysis, stock broker, lawyer, etc.. Success in many fields is all based on being the best cheater. In fact, there should be a requisite course taught in schools titled "How to cheat and get away with it".

Spartans did just that. They took their 8 years old children and forced them to steal food in order to eat. If the children were caught they were severely punished. That's how they prepared them to be able to survive in a battle field.

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