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Comment my 13in runs very hot indeed (Score 1) 212

There must be something wrong with the power management. I just moved from an Air --
which runs cool and gives 8h battery to the Escape-13in pro. It gets very very hot, uncomfortable even
on the plastic keys. 4h battery. It's like going back 10 years in power use.

Mail runs with an energy impact of about 60 most of the time [gmail+pro imap]. Same useage pattern
as my older Air. Lets hope there is an update on the way.

Submission + - French internet provider denounces client 1531 times, wrongly ( 1

augustm writes: The French internet company Numericable denounced one of its clients 1531 times. When the company's software was unable to find a trace after a complaint it always, incorrectly, gave the name of a single wrong client, rather than reporting an error. Numericable thus denounced a single client over 1000 times to the police over a two year period, who indicted him 7 times — including for child pornography offenses. His computers were seized on multiple occasions.

Numericable argued that they were not responsible for any errors in their tracing.

Text in French, but understandable from google translate.

Comment Its not mostly diesel (Score 2) 198

There is a lot of political pressure in Paris to push out diesel motors, which are often the main source of summer pollution peaks. This
one actually has another origin: (French source) .

There is actually a cloud over much of north Europe, not just Paris. The origin is firstly agricultural.
Its mostly ammonium nitrate from spring fertilizer spreading. The second source is wood burning out in the country. Diesel
is the third source in this outbreak.

The real political problem is the impossibility of doing anything against big-agro, not diesel. (Similar problems in France
also occur with water pollution -- impossible to regulate)

Comment Site authors too (Score 2) 375

There is the problem of web sites too- one popular site generates mountains of of javascript garbage every times you
scroll. See for instance the bug 656347 in the mozilla database.

The site? Slashdot. Mozilla is not happy the way Firefox manages this, but relying on garbage collection
very time you push arrow down is bad.

Comment Re:The only question I have is (Score 5, Informative) 385

It has been a turd since this summer, mostly due to the bug in the SQL code which
killed interactive performance. It was repaired this week and should make beta9. It
is also in recent 3.6 builds so mainline firefox is almost unbearable.

Meaningless javascript benchmarks are not very useful for this sort of bug- which
gives 10 second hangs when working with history or bookmarks.

Bug number 595530

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