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Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 168

Apple has come out with some great connectors. However, as AC said, it's all proprietary and they charge an arm and a leg for manufacturers to use it. Apple has been doing this for years. Hell, go back to the Lisa in 1983 (, they had a proprietary keyboard connector. They followed up with the Macintosh 128k that had a connector that looked like an RJ-11 cable, but customized that so it couldn't be easily replaced. Great technology, far beyond the PS2 connector. Over 30 years they have been developing proprietary stuff that dies out relatively quickly.

Comment Re: Results versus extrapolation (Score 1) 53

I wish that they'd break-down their theft reports based on the platform generation of a vehicle, rather than based on model year, given that interchange usually is smooth between same-platform models across several years. A '94 Integra and an '01 Integra should be lumped-in together, and an '02 Dodge Ram should be lumped in with an '08.

You're absolutely right about that. Though people would then want the generational differences annotated. And others would nitpick about what's a significant change. Eh, you can't please 'em all.

Comment Re:Any Memory?? what judge will go on just that? (Score 1) 415

The overall responses to the entire article are ludicrous at best. The intent is not to bring police dogs to your local post office or airport to sniff out memory sticks. The intent is that police can find hidden memory when implementing a search warrant. The search warrant will still require probable cause. A friend of mine was conducting a search of a house and it turned out that there was a NAS in the attic. It would have been found quicker had a memory dog been available.

Comment Re:Illegal and Dangerous? (Score 1) 200

Actually, they have. It falls under other rules for model aircraft. FAA limits model aircraft to a height of 500 feet and, if within 5 miles of an airport, the airport must be notified. Many commercial fireworks go as high as a 1000 feet. My guess is that the copter flew to at least 1100 feet for some of the shots.

Comment Re:But the real question is.. (Score 1) 315

According to this article, there are roughly twice as many gay men than there are lesbians. Regardless, the argument of homosexuals skewing the results is nearly baseless. The number of homosexuals in the US is about 3.4% so that for every 100 people, less than four would be homosexual. Granted San Francisco has a higher homosexual population per capita, but I am not sure that there are more homosexuals applying for jobs with Amazon.

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