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Comment Re:Hey, Google - FUCK YOU (Score 5, Informative) 716

It's not googles decision to block the content, it's the content owners. Google has been taken to court by big media and have requirements they must meet to allow content owners to restrict access. As far as I remember if google are to continue providing video with big media they have to actively stop clients that download music. This isn't google trying to screw you, it's **AA...

Comment Re:There would be no need... (Score 1) 337

That's an odd question because how do you know there is a change? People who travel the same road day in/day out get to know the speeds of their routes and stop looking at the street signs. Yet when there are road works or a change in signage they can see the sign or watch the traffic around and see the speed has changed. Surely automated cars will get cameras that can do the same.

Comment Re:Bargin Bin? (Score 1) 57

I'll take your links, with a single person sharing their salary and post from PayScale which has 12! Salary for McDonald's Corporation Employees - Australia

The link you posted was likely a manager of a store, not one of the kids on front which would earn roughly the same as you do in the US so no, we don't earn twice as much as you guys so our games should not be twice the price.

Comment Re:If it was one bullet, I would agree with you. (Score 3, Insightful) 380

Relatively light collateral damage? What is that? I don't think the families friends of the innocents killed would see this as being 'light'. I don't think anyone that has respect for the lives of their fellow man would see this as 'light' so please, what's your definition of 'light' collateral damage?

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