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Submission + - Hacker Space Festival splits across locations (

lekernel writes: After the success of the second Hacker Space Festival, the international community of hackers are invited to participate in the multiple events of the third edition. Hackito Ergo Sum (Paris, April 8-10, submission deadline March 15) is a conference on offensive security protesting against recent French law criminalizing independent security research and publication. Breizh Entropy Congress (Rennes, April 15-17, submission deadline March 16) is an eclectic event themed around free culture and technologies. Les Contorsions Technologiques (Paris, May 1st, submission deadline March 20) focuses on DIY hardware. Tetalab Hacker Space Festival (Toulouse, May 28-30) will consist in conferences and workshops revolving around hackerspaces activities. Eventually, Estive Numérique (Southern Alps countryside, July 20-26) will be about autonomy and self-sufficiency in the digital age. With such events blossoming, France looks like the place to be during the next months!

Comment Have you ever looked inside a smoker's computer? (Score 3, Informative) 1078

Look at this and tell me that you wouldn't run screaming if someone asked you to repair that. Also, the way smoke is clogging up that fan, I'm thinking that smoking around a computer is a decent reason to void your warranty. Like using your phone in the rain. The harm came to the unit through your own negligence...

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 1091

If it turns out that she has cheated, i.e. born a boy and had an operation then the fuss is justified

Actually, that's not cheating. If you've had an MTF operation and have been on hormones for > 2 years, you're allowed to compete in the women's section. The rules say so, for the very good reason that the hormones make your muscles go away.


Submission + - Null-prefix SSL Attacks Now In The Wild

An anonymous reader writes: Moxie Marlinspike, who recently published new attacks on SSL at Defcon 17, seems to have released the new version of sslsniff which supports these attacks. While the release appears to coincide with a patch from Mozilla, every product that uses the Microsoft CryptoAPI is still vulnerable, including Internet Explorer and Outlook. The new version of sslsniff also supports built-in modes for hijacking software auto-updates that depend on SSL, and apparently includes techniques for defeating OCSP as well — making the elimination of existing null-prefix certificates difficult.

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