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Comment Re:Motorcycle (Score 1) 887

The louder you bike, the more chance you will be heard and seen

I beg to differ with that comment. First, it is unlikely that a louder bike is easier to see. Now for the actual facts, statistically most multiple vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle occur from the front of the motorcycle involving another vehicle either violating a traffic regulation device, turning left in front of the motorcycle, or pulling out of driveway into the motorcycle's path. The additional volume from open pipes is generally directed behind the bike, not in front of. A headlight modulator (legal in most european countries and all 50 states) would do more to draw attention to the bike. The oft quoted phrase "loud pipes save lives" is simply wishful thinking. The truth is that loud pipes cause the vast majority of the non-riding community to dislike motorcyclists and leads to the enacting of restrictions and laws aimed at reducing ALL motorcyclists access. It also fixes in the mind of the general public that motorcyle=loud and obnoxious. I recently was advised by my audiologist that I should wear hearing protection while riding my motorcycle. When I pointed out to her that my motorcycle was relatively quiet she looked at me like I had just told her that I planned to grow wings and give up the bike. The attitude that loud pipes are somehow useful in accident protection is not only wrong, it's potentially damaging to the sport as a whole.

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