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Comment Been there, done that (Score 1) 136

I've been running a Robotics Club in my local elementary school for 2.5 years now. We have a Mindstorms NXT set and the club is always very popular. One thing that helps is having interested parents. Several of them wish they had such a club as a kid so enjoy helping! One of them brings an NXT set from home so we have two to use. I show videos of robot-related things (funny commercials, industrial robots, trade show robots, Robo Wars). I also manage a junior high team for FLL and challenge the K-6 kids with similar challenges. Some of them love to build, some design, some program, and of course I encourage them to take turns. I have about 1/3rd girls, the rest boys. It's a lot of fun!

Feel free to contact me for more details.


Submission + - NPR Story Advocates Popup Ads for Free Gifts

jnothinghead writes: I woke up in a daze yesterday morning to this story on Weekend All Things Considered on NPR. The subject of the interview, a neurology resident at Johns Hopkins, was preaching the benefit of clicking popup ads for prizes. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?story Id=7466068 I was pretty amazed at the cavalier attitude in the interview toward popups. There was no mention of spyware or any other type of malware. What really got me was that this doctor admitted to looking for free prizes at work. My company has an AUP, I'll bet that Johns Hopkins has one too. This probably does not fall under the agreement as appropriate use. I bet the security folks at Johns Hopkins are cringing at the liabilities this doc has introduced so he can win a free vacuum.

Submission + - Quake Ported to Nintendo DS

Joan Cross writes: ID Software`s Quake the first-person shooter computer game that was released back in 2006 has today been ported to the Nintendo DS, the coder Simon Hall has manged to squeeze the program, working state and game data into the four megabytes of main memory of Nintendo`s handheld. The game is fully playable with both shareware or commercial pak files, total conversions and mods will work also.

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