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Submission + - Would You Buy A Nintendo Cell Phone?

andylim writes: It's been rumoured and denied for years but what if Nintendo made a cell phone, would you buy it? A recent article on, discusses how Nintendo should make a phone and could make one with the help of Nokia. It's pointed out though that Nintendo is quoted as saying that “telephony is not in our wheelhouse,” but it is in Nokia's “wheelhouse”. While some may think it's a great idea, what do you think? Are gaming cell phones the future or do you prefer you handheld gaming devices to come in standalone flavors?

Submission + - Google Unveils URL Shortening Service (

eldavojohn writes: The Sultan of Search is unveiling a new service (currently only available for Google Toolbar and Feedburner) that will tackle a very old problem usually solved by or tinyurl--URL shortening. Now, we've heard cries for sanity to prevent potential issues (like what if had shut down and broken millions of links?) but with one of the goliaths of the industry jumping in the ring it looks like URL shortening is here to stay. And a quick note for people who enjoy privacy, explicitly states: 'Please note that Google may choose to publicly display aggregate and non-personally identifiable statistics about particular shortened links, such as the number of end user clicks.' You didn't think Google was going to sit back and let harvest juicy data on 2.1 billion links that were clicked in November without trying to corner some of that action to make their ad suggestions more accurate did you?

Submission + - 4G/LTE network launched in Sweden today (

mattias800 writes: The worlds first public LTE network was launched in Stockholm, Sweden today. Telia (the Swedish operator) are planning to launch in the 25 biggest cities in Sweden within a year. Only a limited supply of one modem model is available and it only supports 4G, not 3G or earlier, but early customers can switch this modem for a newer one which supports all networks once it has been released. The monthly price is 599 SEK (about $80) for a 12 month contract, but the first half year is free and the modem is included. Current download speeds are around 52 Mbit but will be increased to about 80 Mbit in phase two according to Telia.

For more information, check out this article (in Swedish):

Comment Re:why would an adult talk to another child? (Score 1) 596

Here in Turkey, we love children. We enjoy asking questions like "what do you want to be when you grow up?" to children we even don't know. You are waiting in a line, the guy/lady in front of you has a smal child. It is perfectly normal to pat the child's head and ask a (possibly silly) question, even give babies evil eye as a gift. Children give the most unexpected and amusing answers to your simple questions.
If I try to do this somewhere in North America, I'll probably get arrested as a sexual offender.

Submission + - Pub fined for illegal downloads over Wi-Fi ( 1

atilla filiz writes: A pub has reportedly been fined £8,000 after a customer downloaded copyrighted material on its Wi-Fi connection. ...
Legal experts are baffled by the ruling. Internet law professor Lilian Edwards, of Sheffield Law School, told ZDNet that companies that operate a public Wi-Fi hotspot should "not be responsible in theory" for users' illegal downloads under "existing substantive copyright law".

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