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Intel Shows 48-Core x86 Processor 366

Vigile writes "Intel unveiled a completely new processor design today the company is dubbing the 'Single-chip Cloud Computer' (but was previously codenamed Bangalore). Justin Rattner, the company's CTO, discussed the new product at a press event in Santa Clara and revealed some interesting information about the goals and design of the new CPU. While terascale processing has been discussed for some time, this new CPU is the first to integrate full IA x86 cores rather than simple floating point units. The 48 cores are set 2 to a 'tile' and each tile communicates with others via a 2D mesh network capable of 256 GB/s rather than a large cache structure. "

Alzheimer's Disease Possibly Linked To Sleep Deprivation 164

sonnejw0 writes "NewScientist is reporting a link between sleep deprivation and Alzheimer's Disease via an increased amyloid-beta plaque load thought responsible for a large part of the symptoms of the disease, in mice. Medication to abrogate insomnia reduced the plaque load. Also discussed is a recently discovered sleep cycle of amyloid-beta deposition in the brain, in which levels decrease while asleep. 'Holtzman also tried sending the mice to sleep with a drug that is being trialled for insomnia, called Almorexant. This reduced the amount of plaque-forming protein. He suggests that sleeping for longer could limit the formation of plaques, and perhaps block it altogether.'"

Ballmer Admits "We Screwed Up Windows Mobile" 275

Barence writes "Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer has blasted the company's own mobile operating system at the firm's Venture Capital Summit. One tweet from an attendee claims Ballmer said the company had 'screwed up with Windows Mobile. Wishes they had already launched WM7. They completely revamped the team.' Another claims Ballmer said 'we've pumped in some new talent. This will not happen again.' It's not the first time Ballmer has attacked Windows Mobile, having publicly stated that version 6.5 was 'not the full release we wanted.'"

New Phoenix BIOS Starts Windows 7 Boot In 1 Second 437

suraj.sun excerpts from a tantalizing Engadget post: "Phoenix is showing off a few interesting things at IDF, but the real standout is their new Instant Boot BIOS [video here], a highly optimized UEFI implementation that can start loading an OS in just under a second. Combined with Windows 7's optimized startup procedure, that means you're looking at incredibly short boot times — we saw a retrofitted Dell Adamo hit the Windows desktop in 20 seconds, while a Lenovo T400s with a fast SSD got there in under 10."

Submission + - Iranian Games Industry (

atherton2 writes: "The BBC are running a story looking at the Iranian computer games industry:

"Video game developers from Iran have been exhibiting at a Western game convention for the very first time. Representatives from the trade body, the Iran National Foundation of Computer Games, were on hand at a dedicated stand at gamescom in Cologne.They were there to showcase the latest games developed in Iran, establish contacts, and to see if Western retailers would stock their games. But they acknowledged the political situation would make it a challenge. ""

Comment There are many factors (Score 1) 286

Yes giving out so much in bonuses made people focus on short term gains, rather than stable returns, some models were wrong, and hundreds of other factors. One factor that I think is over looked in this is the number of times the computer programs/ algorithms etc were ignored. I have heard off friends working in the industry that computer models that favoured a less risky lower return approach were binned or ignore. Unwelcome risk reports were made to disappear. It was not computers or mathematicians that are to blame here. It is the people who thought they were smarter than the rest of us. Those who thought it would never end, well all things come to an end, and the sick thing is these are the ones who made the millions and left everyone else in the S***.

Submission + - Robots team up for tricky tasks

Matthew Sparkes writes: "A team of search-and-rescue robots have been developed, that are capable of collaborating to form a single larger robot when faced with certain challenges. Each of the robot's three detachable modules can function independently, but when combined the modules function as a single larger and more complex robot. It is possible to cover a search area much more quickly by dividing it between several independent units. Conversely, there are also benefits to working together. A larger robot can, for instance, span larger gaps and move larger objects."

Will Wright and Spore Profiled in Popular Science 28

Via Joystiq, an enthusiastic interview in Popular Science with Will Wright. He talks about his much anticipated PC title Spore (still slated to ship later this year), the educational qualities of games, socializing via games, and the future of gaming. One of his closing comments: "Getting people more connected to the real world through gaming. Because I think we all live in our own little bubbles, we have our own little lives and there's this whole world out there of things happening that we're kind of dimly aware of. We might pick up the paper or watch the news. And it's a complex world. A lot of very strange twisted dynamics, interesting things, very important things that are going to shape the future that our children live in. And that if you could just get everybody to be a little bit more aware of the world around them, and how it works, and have that feedback in to the course the world is taking, gaming could be an incredibly powerful mechanism for steering the system."

Submission + - Practical Applications of Fast NP Solving?

CoolGuySteve writes: Recently there has been news of quantum computers supposedly making certain NP algorithms much faster. Many of us have learned about NP in class or on our own with problems like Subset-Sum and Travelling Salesmen, but how would being able to quickly solve these types of problems improve everyday life?

If everyone had some kind of computing device in the far-off future, similar to a video or physics acceleration card, that could solve NP-complete problems in less than 1 ms, what new applications would we see? How would existing applications be made better?

Submission + - Rhapsody: A Music Service for Linux Users

nithinraju writes: "Linux users have to enjoy! Because the music service"Rhapsody "is mainly meant for linux users.
The idea of Rhapsody offering a Linux music service is fantastic, except for the fact that they have opted not to allow the full functionality offer to those in the Windows world. It really is a let down for Linux users, but is this something that we can blame Rhapsody for?
Should Rhapsody find itself in a position to allow for DRM music on the Linux platform, those of us who couldnotcare less about DRM related concerns would make Rhapsody a lot of money overnight."

Comment Re:Meh... (Score 3, Informative) 83

Selection and plant breeding do allow for plants to be tailored to thierenviroments, but this can and has for most crop varieties taken hudreds if not thousands of years of farmers and breeders selceting and crossing promising lines. The advantages of GM are many and varied: 1. as mentioned earlier you can take a gene from any spiceis and place it into the host, 2. you can break linkage between genes 3. you can alter promation of genes 4. other stuff...I won't go on and on. 5. you can do all off this a hell of alot fatser But as asked above it is mainly the speed factor that makes GM so very appealing.

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