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Comment Re:Understanding Dart's goals (Score 1) 312

if I remember correctly, Dart was announced end of 2011 and become available to "play with" almost immediately. Since couple month after announcement, I have not seen anyone mentioning it ever. In 'internet years', 2011 is ancient history - so I am not sure if "it's still early in Dart's life" apply. I can see Google pushing it into Chrome, but I can not see Google replacing JS with it and I do not see any other browser except Chrome adopting it. Dart solves problem which no one has.

Comment Re:Just use Postgresql (Score 1) 336

Totally agree. The only reason for mySQL lingering popularity is that many years ago it WAS faster than Postgres. The only reason it WAS faster - it did not have proper transactions. Don't take me wrong, current version of mySQL is solid product, but one will always wonder why DB company like Oracle will want to keep alternative DB around?

Comment High speed trading is cancer of the "Wall Street" (Score 1) 275

and hopefully it will be outlawed way before it could go neutrino-power. Any financial mechanism
  1. 1. which allows to create money out of thin air,
  2. 2. which allows to create money regardless of where market is going (up or down)
  3. 3. which allows to create obscene amount of money, but only if you have lots of money to begin with

has no logical reason to be legal. It does well documented harm to economy as a whole, while not doing any good (except for few... see #3. above)

Comment Intuit is the only game in town (Score 1) 304

and it shows. First of all, I have been using Intuit for last 6-7 years. Secondary, I do appreciate the fact that US tax law is horribly complicated. However it seems that over last 5 years quality of Intuit software is going down the drain. Go to Intuit support forums and you will see what I am talking about. So answer to the question "How Intuit Manages 10 Million Lines of Code" is - poorly.

Comment How is this a news? (Score 1) 595

During last 12 month almost every single news outfit run a story (and some of these outfits run it more than once) about companies (like GE or all Oil companies) not only not paying any taxes in US but actually getting substantial refunds. At the very least, Apple and MS do pay some taxes in US. If you create a crooked tax system, do not complain that peoples and companies learn how to "use" it, change the system. It seems that lately someone figure out that any news gets "hotter" if it has "Apple angle". I am getting sick of it, but apparently stories about how incompetent and dysfunctional US congress is can not sustain "public" interest as well as "Apple ... doing ... anything".

Comment Sad to see this thing go to scrap ;( (Score 1) 124

I have seen this thing in person. It looks absolutely amazing. Stationary or when its go full bore. I wonder why its called - failed? This ship was used extremely effectively in intercepting drug runners using speed boats. Not only its fast enough to keep up, despite its size it sits very high in the water, so it can follow these light boats in very shallow waters. Also if you read these "for sale" ad, what they selling is floating dock and scrap metal from this boat.

Submission + - Time to take Bill Gates out of MS Borg Logo 1

atchijov writes: These days he is one of (if not the most) most admirable billionaires in the world. His humanitarian projects are making real difference for millions of people.
Bill Gates was out of MS for quite a few years. I say, it is time to replace his likeness in MS Borg logo with Mr. Balmer.

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