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Comment i have a hard time taking them seriously when (Score 0) 418

if you want to post a video discussion of hdtv's online... FIX the audio on your video first... I couldn't listen to it the audio was appalling ...

god damn people save a couple bucks and get a decent audio interface and mic if you are going to do online video interviews...

(tried w/ my Pioneer SE-A1000 headphones w/ a yamaha C-60 premamp as headphone amp (optical out to dac / to preamp ) and with my FiiO E07K/E9 > Kenwood KR-V106R > Monitor Audio Silver S1 speakers and the result is the same not sure what these guys know about video but they know dick about audio apparently.)

blah blah blah... my 5 year old 1080p tv is still fine thank you....for now.

Comment Secret Service Nixed alt fuel Limo (Score 0) 612

When Obama was elected he wanted a hybrid or alt fuel limo (from what i read) and the Secret Service said... NOPE... MISTER PRESIDENT SIR!!!
apparently for range / reliability reasons (lol???)

That pic of the Presidential limo on a tow truck is pretty hilarious (on the CNN link) nearly as funny as the limo getting high centered trying to leave the U.S. Embassy in Dublin Ireland a couple years ago.

Comment not worth buying new psu for ..but (Score 2) 328

so it probably for 99% of the people won't make sense to upgrade a power supply just for efficiency

but if for some reason you need a new power-supply anyways finding a good quality (80+ gold ..etc) unit on sale is totally reasonable.... at this point most units worth trusting the rest of your gear to are probably 80+ anyways.

in my own case i had been using a 80+ power-supply that wasn't modular and cables where a hassle to manage ... i wanted a modular power-supply and also have no intention of risking a $200 processor and $300~ video card etc to a generic / shoddy power-supply so i found the Seasonic X750 (80+ Gold ) on sale for $100~ (which if you look at newegg is cheaper than any 700-800watt fully modular power supplies currently.

since i wanted/needed fully modular 750~ish watt power-supply finding the X750 for $99 made sense as it was cheapest meeting those requirements.... the fact is it 80+ is just bonus ... seasonic's 5year warr and generally pretty good reputation for quality power supplies drove the choice more than the 80+ gold.

Comment this is how the end begins (Score 1) 508

clearly this is how computers / machines will rise against us...

self driving cars in CA will become ENRAGED by the clueless jackasses you have to deal with driving here.. and will rise up and destroy humanity (doubtless they will enlist the computers of people who don't watch enough cat videos as allies, computers seem to love cat videos).

I for one welcome our new self driving car overloads.

yes this is how the world ends... Self Driving Car ROAD RAGE.. right before you killed by machines remember I called it.

Comment I have a technet subscription (Score 2) 297

Despite having technet, I still use LibreOffice more than Office ... I have both installed but i kinda like the interface of LibreOffice more.

If I have friends / family that ask about this .... well technically whenever i have had friends /family complain about buying office i have just told them to try OpenOffice before then LibreOffice now. Most of them tried open/Libre office and decided it was pretty good ...and really good for free and just used that.

Comment obvious mistake is obvious (Score 4, Insightful) 195

seems to me the moment this thing launched and content providers (hulu..etc) started blocking it..

I thought..well this thing is boned... and then also ..who the hell thought it was a good idea to launch before getting content guys onboard?

stupid... just stupid..they should have worked something out with hulu..etc before launching this thing.

Comment hopefully SRT can be more fully advanced (Score 1) 288

i've had a bad experience with SSD drives having returned 2 due to deal breaking problems for me .... on caused BSODs the other could handle suspend mode without locking up.

I have now 2x samsung F3s in raid 0 (plus back up on NAS)

personally i have no desire to have to do the sort of file management small sized SSDs currently demand and since reading the reviews they all pretty much suck.... however SRT is a compelling option... all the convenience of big mechanical drives plus a speed boost of SSD ... unless the price per GB of SSD can be brought down alot then i think SRT may well be the way to go.

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