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Comment Re:How can you know "earnings" from eBay? (Score 1) 190

In the USA, the IRS is going to require credit card processors to report what they pay businesses. It's very easy to spot a business that doesn't report or under reports their cash transactions. It was easy to cheat on but when the average business in the sector makes 20% of their revenue from cash and a 5% profit on their revenue they stand out like a sore thumb if they get greedy.

I'd imagine that the British are doing the same thing. They are just looking for people that fall outside the a standard deviation or two for whatever sector they are in.

Comment Re:Some crazy conspiracy? (Score 1) 443

You could see an end to some toll roads. The toll would be paid for by the business the road benefits. Similar to how Vegas has cheap flights. If you were to build Vegas between LA and Phoenix and cut the time down from 8 hours to 2 hours and half way you could stop at a place of gambling, shopping and debauchery, would you take a plane (3 hours) or your car with a light rail augment(2 hours)?

Comment Re:Cost $250 Retail for $300? (Score 1) 85

His math is a little off but the returned item still has a cost of 250 to the business plus the new one they send out for 250. So you have a maximum of a $500 cost for a return. The components dont cost that much but assuming you are making 50 per unit, every return costs a maximum of $400(old parts + new parts). So you need to sell 8(400/50) for every 1 that gets returned. Your margins now suck if more than 1 out of 30 get returned.

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