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Comment Re:I never heard of her before (Score 1) 536

What are you talking about??? who is talking about fundamentalists?

You should learn something about the Muslim world other than what you see on the news channels. Its not the dark and gloomy place its made out to be. Please ask yourself what do you know about it aside from what you hear on the news.

One thing you MIGHT learn from reading up on things is that the oppression of women is not in any way part of Islam, its all unsophisticated cultural rituals that uneducated people inject into their societies.

Comment Re:Hard to do w/o a Hayes compatible modem.... (Score 1) 156

Yes, its a big world, you should try reading up on it. I'm from Tajikistan, I live in the US now, I moved here 5 years ago. Technology and economy-wise we are very similar to Kazakhstan. Please stop being a dumb redneck and attend your local community college as soon as possible before you hurt yourself by thinking too hard. "The former USSR was developed - the countries that came from it most likely more so." ROFLMAO

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