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Comment QWERTZ auch (Score 2) 315

The same problem with inconsistently placed and difficult to reach symbols exists with the German QWERTZ keyboards also. I switched to one when I moved here from USA because the everyday need for ö, ä, ü and ß outweighed the difficulties, but it has taken me ages to get used to coding on it.

Comment Compelled disclosure of viewership data? (Score 1) 302

Given that this is Slashdot, I am surprised not to see any notable discussion of an important issue: If this turns in to an actual legal battle, one possible outcome would be the compulsory disclosure of analytics data.

That would be A Bad Thing. I'm certain that Netflix does provide detailed, segmented, specific data to the people that provide and create the content they serve. This is as it should be. To be compelled to provide such data to their competitors is anti-capitalist at best (and I am writing as an avowed Socialist).

As an operator of several commercial websites (micro scale compared to Netflix, of course), I would absolutely balk at having to provide anything from raw server logs to analytics data to anyone much less my direct competitors.

Comment Shoutcast is more important. (Score 2, Interesting) 117

I strongly believe that Shoutcast is the more important of the two applications here, and likely the reason for the acquisition. There are approximately a zillion interchangeable client players / music library managers, but Shoutcast and other compatible programs like icecast are dominant in the indie-scale internet radio space. There are tons of clients (one open source example - Butt) that can broadcast using the original Soundcast system. I liked Winamp long back in the day, but I do think Shoutcast is the more important news here.

I have experience: I co-founded - and they are still using Icecast to broadcast their streams.

Comment Re:Yet another bow to islam (Score 1) 259

I have to comment on this. You are linking to Have you bothered to look into who owns and runs this site? I took the time to ensure they never appear in my Google News feed again. Right at the moment I type this, their top headline screams that Iran is taking over Latin America. That should give you an idea of the bent of their "reporting". Take a moment and have a look at their About page to see who they publicly disclose is behind the site - first and foremost, far-right former Ambassador John R. Bolton.

It is NOT a "news" site. It is a political propaganda site not beholden to accepted standards of journalism.

Comment Re:No discs = no buy (Score 1) 230

I can think of at least one example of an occurrence of Steam removing content from my library with no warning and no consent from me - and most importantly, no way to prevent it. The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack lost more than half of its content after R*'s license for many tracks expired. No, it is not losing an entire game, but I still felt that this was important content that I had purchased. I had previously owned the physical media version - not sure if a "patch" was issued that would have removed those tracks from that install base, but the tracks would at least still be extractable from the DVD.

Comment When you look up gullible in the dictionary... (Score 0) 235

...I am the example.

I actually bought this for a few minutes. Despite the URL, despite how ridiculous it is on its face.

I think this is a social test for how phishing happens. People, including me, will apparently belive anything.

I am kinda pissed I got caught up in using brain cells on this.

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