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Comment In My Case, Yes (Score 1) 144

I get regular pains from typing at work and sometimes the situation flares up for me when I'm typing more regularly. My symptoms are weak grip, dull wrist pain and when it gets worse, tingly fingers. Sometimes the problem was enough to cause worry. Using a Powerball (the plastic versions) has really helped. So much, I'd say that it definitely cures it for me. I only have to use it a few consecutive days for about 5 minutes, doing about 5-9,000 on the little counter (just enough to warm the wrist muscles up), and that, is honestly enough for a few weeks. The benefits are felt almost immediately. I believe it helps with the blood flow to the fingers. My recommendation to anyone with these symptoms is to get one!

Comment Get a Powerball (Score 1) 178

Seriously, it has been by far the best purchase to date out of the money I've spent trying to cure my RSI.

It comes and goes for me, particularly bad when I'm not using my split keyboard for any long period of time. My wrists would feel tingly which became especially noticeable at night. I even bought an Evoluent vertical mouse and that made little to no difference.

People may frown at people like us on this forum and indeed I've known people with terrible setups to have no problems whatsoever, but some of us are just more prone to it than others. I type a lot at work and as a fast touch typist I generally type far more than my colleagues.

I got myself a Powerball and within just 2 days I noticed a big difference! I couldn't believe how effective it is. All it takes is a few minutes each day at 5000-7000 rpm, a few times a week to maintain the strength and now I never notice my wrists tingling even after a long day at work.

Comment Re:Why they tell you to turn off your phone... (Score 1) 437

But those are only half-lives! Our readers should be reminded that that's time for half of the material to decay and not 100% of the material. One or two of those half-lives are quite long also, so although it's only going to be a little radioactive, it is certainly not 100% stable. Of course, whether that level of radiation is enough to cause problems in circuits, I'm not sure and I'm certainly no scientist.

Comment Re:Article summary (Score 4, Insightful) 1174

You suspect humour? I suspect that Americans do not understand it at all! I was laughing all the way! But maybe that's because I'm British and I understand that this is really just a complete piss take on the rest of the world. If I had wanted to read a serious comparison, I would have read Wikipedia

Comment Solution is simple (Score 1) 911

1. Force Microsoft to uncouple IE with Windows, allowing the user to uninstall it.
2. Vendors like Dell are then free to sell an alternative browser if they wish.

Perhaps at first manufacturers will just stick with IE, but once they realise the potential of others (e.g. Firefox has more features, Safarai is faster on netbooks etc.), they'll sell machines with alternatives. Then it's all about market forces.

As one commenter on here put it, if you try and make people choose, then you are trying to force people to not be sheep! This will never work!


Ubuntu Download Speeds Beat Windows XP's 515

narramissic writes "Doing a download speed test of his Time Warner cable connection, James Gaskin discovered something odd, something that he is quick to note isn't a rigorous benchmarked lab test. The discovery: His Ubuntu machine 'returned a rating from the test of 22-25mbps over several tests' while the same test done from a Windows XP PC returned a rating of 12-14mbps. The two computers used in the test are 'almost identical: both off-lease Compaq small form factor D515s, part of the very popular corporate desktop D500 family. Both have Pentium 4 processors running at 2GHz. The Ubuntu machine has 768MB of RAM, while the XP box has only 512MB of RAM. Both run Firefox 3 as their browser.' Gaskin's question: Can a little extra RAM make that much difference in Internet download speeds or does Ubuntu handles networking that much faster than Windows XP?"

Comment Re:Call me cynical but... (Score 1) 123

Why in hell should a person subject their identity and private information to the whim of the trolls on the Internet in any capacity, just to "prove" they aren't hiding something sinister? Try proving there WAS something sinister, I'll certainly take that complaint more credibly.

You've got the wrong end of the stick entirely. I wasn't suggesting that she reveal her identity. I was merely outlining an alternative truth. Personally, I can choose and decide for myself what to believe and I'm nothing like a "conspiracy nut" as you so delicately put it. The fact of the matter is Groklaw is quite an extensive source when it comes to the SCO case details. Perhaps it's just a blog, but some people might see it as more than that.

Let's suppose for a moment that she was/is under some kind of financial agreement with IBM, then that changes things entirely. I am by no means suggesting this is the case but regarding it as a possibility - especially given the bias in her posts.

Maybe my post was trolling, but it's something I have the right to do and you should not undermine. Something more constructive towards the debate would have been appreciated rather than contempt and mockery.


Activision Blizzard Announces Guitar Hero 5, New Call of Duty 85

MTV's Multiplayer Blog reports on recent announcements from Activision Blizzard which confirm that sequels to several popular franchises are on the way. The games include a new Guitar Hero, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and a new Tony Hawk, which will use some kind of non-standard controller. "At the meeting, Activision Blizzard showcased new games that would make sense for in-game ads, including the vaguely titled "Guitar Hero 5," which included a screen shot of gameplay with a Burger King ad to the right of the note highway."

Comment Re:I knew IE7 was bad, but... (Score 1) 370

I'm sorry buddy, but it ain't a myth. What do you think runs the Windows shell? IE is explorer + html rendering engine.
Wrong. See This seems to be a change in IE7, although I thought the entire process had been decoupled within IE6... Anyhow, I'm referring to memory usage and as the graphs show, IE has no memory advantage over rival browsers.

Submission + - Novell says desktop Linux costs 10% of Vista

Robert writes: Novell Inc might have signed a patent and interoperability deal with Microsoft Corp but it is not about to give up competing with the software giant and last week released a study that suggests its Linux desktop product is better value than Windows Vista. The Waltham, Massachusetts-based company's competitive guide compares SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop with Windows Vista and claims that the Linux product provides 90% of Vista's functionality and 10% of the price.

Submission + - Three UK cancels roaming costs in 7 countries

pieggi writes: I report you an article seen on ( via
"British mobile provider 3 has made an impressive step into the deregulation of the telecoms market. It abolished roaming charges for its UK customers in seven nations, meaning its UK users won't be charged for calling or receiving calls or text message on their regular cellphone when on trip."

The seven countries are Italy, Australia, the Republic of Ireland, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark.

The article links also a BBC article

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