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Comment I Think Adams Is Wrong (Score 1) 958

I love Dilbert, I've enjoyed many of Scott Adams' opinion on his web site. I disagree with him on this issue and I think his opinion is especially ignorant one considering his intellect.

Science hasn't gotten nutrition and fitness wrong.

People don't want to be told that they can't have everything they want in regards to eating, weight control and health. They don't want to accept that some delayal of gratification is necessary.

This refusal to accept reality fuels the popular diet book market, which floods popular media and popular opinion with misinformation.

If you slow down, go deeper into the literature, and spend time with it you will find that science doesn't have all that many disagreements about nutrition, weight control, how to eat to prevent disease etc.

Comment Pandering (Score 1) 740

I keep seeing articles about research showing that people who gravitate toward right wing politics tend to have a psychology dominated by fear, paranoia, and emotional reactions.

I always thought those articles were smug and just a bit self serving.

I guess I still do.

However, with Christie's obvious pandering ( someone should ask him if his kids are vaccinated ) I have to wonder.

It seems like there are a large chunk of people on the right who are ready to accept any story of government lies, conspiracies, designed to pollute them or take something away from them.

It isn't a new thing either. In 2015 it is vaccines, in the 50s it was communists putting fluoride in the water.

The emotionality of it is so fucking disgusting -- and it matters.

There are serious global climate change issues, the U.S. is in danger of losing/retarding the universal healtcare it wanted for so long, and now we have previously eradicated diseases making a comeback.

All because there is a segment of the population that isn't smart enough to know when NOT to let their emotions do their thinking for them.

Comment Re:There's another treatment that stops most T2 (Score 1) 253

Nobody is forcing you to do anything and quite frankly, with no offense, it doesn't matter to us as it is not our health.

Just as a tip, for your health and to clear up misinformation, it is all about what you are used to.

If you start eating different types of food, your tastes will shift. Even for healthy food.

Exercise may feel like zero fun when you start, I know I have been there.

As you get in better shape you come to enjoy it.

As the OP mentioned, you don't have to do anything dramatic.

Minimize the # of your calories in the form of refined flour products and sweeteners. Get out and start taking a walk every day.

Those things done constituently will make measurable results.

Comment Re:France built something like this back in the 19 (Score 1) 379


I learned about the wall on a History Channel documentary.

Nobody was an idiot back then, everyone knew Hitler was a problem. The wall wasn't finished because France was exhausted in resources from WW I. French politicians and people simply didn't want to pay for it.

Comment Hope He Succeeds (Score 1) 204

Corporate culture has a way of pushing back.

Look at home lame Yahoo still is technically, even with former Google engineer Marissa Mayer as their CEO.

OTOH, engineers don't specialize in managing people and that is what is needed in changing a corporate culture. That is tough to do even with people who are talented with people, as well as people who aren't pregnant when taking over a company.

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