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Comment They checked without a warrant (Score 1) 206

Does ownership of the network override the laws of the country the network is in?

If they had opened physical mail, this would be a criminal charge. But because it's digital, somehow ownership of the service exempts them from having to obey any kind of privacy laws.

Dangerous and shows why you should not trust anything online.

Comment The dilemma is the very design of a certificate (Score 3, Insightful) 110

If you have any cert authority in the U.S. they already been compromised and can be muted with a security letter. Unless you run whatever future certt out of a military type environment, you will be infiltrated with keyboard bugs, monitor bugs, cable taps, etc.

Why do you think the Russians went back to typewriters? Anything electronic can be snooped, the level of compromise so great that it is nearly impossible to protect against attacks.

So what can you do? Set up multiple checks across the globe, out of control. If there is discrepancy, then consider yourself compromised or a target.

The fact that the PGP fakes have shown up means that there have been man in the middle attacks.

Your personal router has a back door? Probably if it is commercially sold.

Your internet provider has been backdoored? Most likely, or is easily done with a device brought in the front door with a security letter.

Your local internet backbone has an intercept? Definitely

You can be served faked certs and ip addresses, fake windows updates? Proven

Commercial routers have back door? Proven, the very fabric of the internet is polluted.

You have to containerize your internet now via VPN, and those keys can be secured in the U.S. with a security letter. With quantum computing, it can be broken.

Comment Re: What does this have to do with tech news? (Score 2, Interesting) 878

Slashdot has gotten so soft, so much like reddit and other useless sites. It pains me to see the decline after so many years. Food is relevant to nerds, so why not cooking news? Best way to arrange you star wars underwear? All these new useless users make me sick.

Comment The benefit if this is flac rips from the source (Score 1) 413

Yes, you can have FLAC files of songs, but the benefit of this is FLAC rips from the MASTERS.

I am surprised the studios will allow this as it means you'd never need to buy another version
of the music again, you would have a 99.9% as good version of the master.

FLAC rips from vinyl come close, but FLAC rips from the analog master tape? It's worth rebuying
all the music again as you will have without a doubt the best version possible short of a time
machine to the studio during recording time.

Comment Re:Sweet sweet copyright justice (Score 5, Insightful) 242

The Hurt Locker made a profit as intended,but Voltage Pictures and are suing because they feel they are making less money than entitled. The guy in Haiti made no money at all, they just stole his images. So big business wanting every drop of blood versus a man who just wants a piece of the pie is an entirely different situation entirely. Public domain is saying you made enough money , now it belongs to everyone. This idea and public domain is under assault by companies like Voltage Pictures that want to make money forever.

Comment Twisted "Justice" (Score 5, Insightful) 491

William Calley, the officer in charge of the My Lai massacre (murder of 304 civilians) server 3 1/2 years house arrest.

Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years, and must server 1/3 to get parole which they will of course deny him.

President Obama authorized the killing of Americans without trial, something illegal under the very rules of the U.S. (constitution)

One of those Americans killed was a 16 YEAR OLD BOY who was murdered by his own government, without trial.

The United States no longer pretends to be the land of the free, it now openly favors corporations (Apple given presidential override of import ban), rich individuals and political cronies.

Today is a very sad day. The truth is the enemy, justice inconvenient, and money/power the one true ruler of this country.

Comment In store tracking (Score 4, Interesting) 166

If you have a phone, as you walk around a shopping center or store will are being tracked.

If you linger in the baby aisle, expect to get baby ads and coupons without asking for them. You might even find out your teenage daughter is pregnant from coupons you get.

Very intrusive: Get served ads to your phone and all devices based on store browsing and the kind of stores. You have no choice to opt out.
Medium intrusive: Get asked if you would like coupons for what they think you like. Ads on devices or apps that are ad supported are targeted.
Low level: You get coupons on your receipt based on your walking pattern and habits. (this already happens)

Future exploitation, the terrifying final form.
Location based A.I. scans your physical body for any and all brand name clothing. Tied into the parking lot cameras, it logs your car and plate number. Using sets of data (The estimated outfit cost, car value, car color psychological assessment, insurance carrier) it evaluates your income bracket and psychological profile.
A.I. scans all store records for purchases that match what you are wearing. If the purchases is detected to have not been made at the store, coupons and ads targeted at those articles are sent (You too can get Feragamo shoes here).
Each time you stop, the time and location and nearby goods are noted. Any regular walking patterns are logged. If you walk the same pattern every time, the lcd screens change to ads targeting you along your route.
As you approach merchandise displays, eye tracker record what items you look at and what in the adverts your eyes followed.
As follows: 15seconds female cleavage, 5seconds product, 1second dog.

Unregulated ,the future of consumer exploitation is terrifying.

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