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Submission + - Brazilian protests against the Government (youtube.com) 1

pcontezini writes: In a recent protest against the rise in the public transport ticket price, from R$ 3.00 to 3.20 in São Paulo city, the Brazilian population started a series of protests against corruption and the excessive expense for the upcoming world wide cup. Because brazilians lack a good education system and public safety, we are experiencing the first big riot against the system since the impeachment of Fernando Color de Melo in 94. Know Veja (the largest magazine in the country) twitter account has been hacked for use in todays protest, because all of the media corporations are helping the government hide this movement from the world and the population.

Comment I'm about to relocate inside Brazil (Score 2) 999

I'm Brazilian and I started working from home recently. Since my wife and I don't like they city we're currently living in, we decided to do some research and find a city where we would like to move to (still inside Brazil). If you can read portuguese, you might find our announcement and the criteria we've used useful: https://plus.google.com/112051803418632798341/posts/BTDpsC9Enta

I have plenty of friends who moved from Europe to Brazil. If you're single, you'll probably enjoy it for quite some time, and you'll probably have fun no matter which part of the country you move to. If you have wife and/or kids, you should be extra extra careful when selecting a city or region to move to. Brazil is huge and the difference in quality of living vary a lot between the different regions. And pay attention: the poorest areas usually have the best offers in the tech field (mostly due to tax incentivies for the tech companies).

Good luck.

Comment Re:Creativity Killer (Score 1) 136

Working in the game industry i found that creativity was heavily hampered by scrum, even after doing several adjustments to the process.

I have a totally different experience (I was working in the mobile phone business, which is kind of similar to the game industry you mention). I worked for two major mobile phone companies "doing scrum" from 2006 to 2011. It took me years to finally see the beauty of scrum really working in my team, and then I realized one important thing:

You can't do agile unless you really want to do agile and make an honest effort to do it "by the book". You can't make compromises and expect it to be "magical". You start making compromises, it stops working, plain and simple. The reality of the industry today is that a lot of people claim to be doing agile, but then you look closely and this is what they tell you:

- I'm using my bug tracking tool, because boards and papers are superfluous
- I still have my project manager (PM) around, because that's the way the hierarchy works in the company
- I don't need a Product Owner, the PM can do its job
- I don't need a dedicated scrum master, we can rotate developers to "conduct meetings"
- Estimating in points doesn't make sense for us, so we use hours instead
- Tracking velocity is too abstract, it never works
- I don't have testing together with the development because my QA team is in China
- 3x4h meetings every sprint? WTF? You expect my whole team to spend 12h in meetings at every interaction?
- ...

You want to do agile? Fire the product managers, hire secretaries to be scrum masters (computer background is a plus, but they're below the developers in the hierarchy) and put a UI designer or customer to be the product owner. And don't expect it to work on a distributed team: UI Designers, Developers and QA should attend all of the core meetings and should all work together in the same room or building. And doing it right is *HARD*. It took my previous team 2-3 years to "get it", but the results were awesome. Now I work as an Engineering Manager for an opensource company, doing upstream development... I don't have any expectation of ever implementing agile/scrum in my team, because I know it won't work in this scenario.


Move Over, Quantum Cryptography: Classical Physics Can Be Unbreakable Too 126

MrSeb writes "Researchers from Texas A&M University claim to have pioneered unbreakable cryptography based on the laws of thermodynamics; classical physics, rather than quantum. In theory, quantum crypto (based on the laws of quantum mechanics) can guarantee the complete secrecy of transmitted messages: To spy upon a quantum-encrypted message would irrevocably change the content of the message, thus making the messages unbreakable. In practice, though, while the communication of the quantum-encrypted messages is secure, the machines on either end of the link can never be guaranteed to be flawless. According to Laszlo Kish and his team from Texas A&M, however, there is a way to build a completely secure end-to-end system — but instead of using quantum mechanics, you have to use classical physics: the second law of thermodynamics, to be exact. Kish's system is made up of a wire (the communication channel), and two resistors on each end (one representing binary 0, the other binary 1). Attached to the wire is a power source that has been treated with Johnson-Nyquist noise (thermal noise). Johnson noise is often the basis for creating random numbers with computer hardware."

Comment Re:Frigid (Score 2, Informative) 222

Why does it say SEX on the upper left hand corner? *Busts out the credit card*

It's a callendar application and "Sex" comes from "Sexta-feira", which translated to English would be "Friday". In other words, whenever you use "Fri" in your callendar, we use "Sex". :P That said, as a Brazilian, I never, ever, had noticed that or associated our Friday with sex. :-)

Comment The problem with win7 64bits: drivers (Score 1) 401

It boggles my mind why so many people with 64-bit hardware would still install a 32-bit version of windows[...]

I bought Win7 Home Premium for my gaming station and the package includes both 32 and 64 editions. Initially I installed the 64bits and used it for a month (new hardware with 4GB or RAM) but then I switched to 32bits because of buggy drivers.

I couldn't make my Logitech wingman driving wheel to work, my multifunctional driver was outdated and hard to find (Epson CX7300), my Audigy 2 ZS audio board didn't work out of the box and my network card (Intel whatever, onboard) was performing erratically after some time (not sure why, the win7 diagnostic was "problem with the driver").

Not to mention lots of trouble with low level applications such as dvd drive emulators (magic disk made my machine unusable and IIRC I had a few problems with daemon tools as well).

All of the aforementioned now work fine under win7 32bits.

So I don't recommend people to use Win7 64bits if they have old hardware around (joysticks, printers, scanners) or if they plan to use 3rd party drivers.

http://www.ademar.org/ || http://blog.ademar.org/


Nokia Releases Qt SDK For Mobile Development 76

An anonymous reader writes "Nokia has released its unified Qt-based SDK for cross-platform development for Symbian and MeeGo (plus Maemo) devices. The blurb reads: 'Today sees the release of the Nokia Qt SDK, a single easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) for Symbian and Meego application development. Developers can now develop, test, and deploy native applications for Nokia smartphones and mobile computers. The beta version of the SDK is available for download from today, ready for developers to kick off development for new devices, including the just-announced Nokia N8.'"

Comment Re:Developing Nations Crippled by Road Costs (Score 1) 239

I live in the northeast of Brazil (one of the poorest regions) and I have a 10Mbps connection at home, as most of my friends. I pay R$ 69,00/month for it (USD 39.65) and it's fairly reliable. There are plans up to 100Mbps.

That said, I must say this is the reality of the middle-class in Brazil, which is less than 10% of the population here.


Submission + - Qt opens source code repositories

sobral writes: Following the announcement of the LGPL license model, since yesterday the Qt source code repositories are open to the public together with their roadmap. The contribution model is online and will enable developers from the community to submit patches through a single click process, avoiding the previous hassle of sending in signed paperwork. The code is hosted at qt.gitorious.org and an instant benefit of this launch is that Qt Software has been working together with Gitorious maintainers for the last four months to improve Gitorious and all these new features are already submitted upstream.

Submission + - Mandriva Linux 2008 is now available (mandriva.com)

AdamWill writes: "Mandriva Linux 2008 is now available for download on the official site, and on the network of public mirror servers. 2008 includes all the latest software and many enhancements over previous Mandriva Linux releases. You will find KDE 3.5.7 and the new GNOME 2.20 already integrated, a solid kernel with fair scheduling support, OpenOffice.org 2.2.1, cutting-edge 3D-accelerated desktop courtesy of Compiz Fusion 0.5.2, Mozilla Firefox, and everything else you've come to expect from the latest Mandriva Linux release. We have integrated a reworked hardware detection sub-system, with support for a lot of new devices (particularly graphics cards, sound cards and wireless chips). Also, the addition of new features and ongoing improvements to the renowned Mandriva tools continues, including a wizard to import Windows documents and settings, the new network configuration center, and improvements to the Mandriva software management tools. You can read about the most exciting new features of Mandriva Linux 2008 in depth in the Release Tour. The Release Notes contain important information on changes from previous releases. The Errata will contain information on any future known issues and solutions for them. The One installation CD is the recommended download with everything you need to start using Mandriva Linux 2008: it comes with a full KDE desktop and application suite, NVIDIA and ATI proprietary video card drivers, Intel wireless firmware, Adobe Flash and Sun Java browser plugins, all included."

Controlling Computers With the Brain 253

Killam0n takes note of a story in CNN Money on progress in controlling computers via brainwaves. From an aspirin-sized implant a quadriplegic is now using to play computer games, the article extrapolates out to a near future in which we will all be wearing headband computers and IM'ing one another as if telepathically. "Two years ago, a quadriplegic man started playing video games using his brain as a controller. That may just sound like fun and games for the unfortunate, but really, it spells the beginning of a radical change in how we interact with computers — and business will never be the same. Someday, keyboards and computer mice will be remembered only as medieval-style torture devices for the wrists. All work — emails, spreadsheets, and Google searches — will be performed by mind control."

Submission + - Language Copyrights: Death of Online Dictionaries?

toQDuj writes: Once upon a time, non-Danes could have the pleasure of understanding at least the written language using online dictionaries (http://danish.nigilist.ru/cgi-bin/nph-dict.cgi).
Funnily enough, the knowledge of turning one language into a (more) intelligible one, is now deemed copyrightable by publishers of dictionaries.
As can be read from the site, where the site owner has published the (two) cease and desist letters, no longer is this translation site to exist. The lawyers, on behalf of Gyldendalske Boghandel have requested the cessation of the site. In time, other publishers step in line and abolish all that is online translation-worthy.
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Special: At 25, Sun struggles to reinvent itself

InfoWorldMike writes: "Sun Microsystems marks its 25th anniversary this week, and there appears to be little to celebrate, writes our open source columnist, Neil McAllister. Although the company's product portfolio is brimming with innovative technologies, it seems unable capitalize on them. Sun stands poised at one of the most critical moments of its history, yet its ability to shape its own future seems doubtful. And yet, Sun has been here before, writes McAllister, who offers some sober advice: In a bid to shape its future, Sun Microsystems must look to its past. We kicked off this notion at InfoWorld.com with our special report on Sun's Silver, with a retro slideshow (McNealy in those shades), a company timeline, profiles and more."

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