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Comment Re:You Have Stolen From Your Bandmates & the R (Score 1) 672

He may hold the copyright, but probably not the publishing. Plus who knows what else the label shoved into their contract?

Now, Lars could go get the copy of the masters that he has and compress that because he owns the physical media -- but downloading it via illegal means is a totally different matter.

Comment Re:like democracy works? (Score 1) 436

I just think there was a reason that at the beginning there were serious qualifier for who could and could not vote. i.e., landowners had that right. When the mass populace is mediocre, we are all affected by it. When the mass populace is more easily swayed by shiny marketing than ideas, we who think and consider are affected.

For your #2, no party should be running or governing the election. that kind of bias is what ruins the "freedom" in voting. I wish our republic was so in the stricter sense of the word, I suppose.

Comment Re:like democracy works? (Score 1) 436

I agree with you, I think. Perhaps there should be rules about who can vote? Maybe not as far as to say only landowners can vote - but maybe people with drivers licenses and high school diplomas and bank accounts...

Or mandatory IQ tests. maybe that would work. I don't think bias is that big of a deal, it's the lack of education that kills the system. Or perhaps more the lack of rational judgment.


Do Not Call Registry Set to Become Permanent 183

coondoggie passed us a NetworkWorld article about an initiative by the Senate to transform the Do Not Call list into a permanent institution. Originally individuals on the list were to have their place on the list revoked; up to a third of the people who signed up might have fallen off the list by the Autumn without renewing legislation. A move by the Senate this past Wednesday will permanently prevent salesmen from calling those who have registered for the list. "Aside from what telemarketing junk the bill does prevent, experts note what may also be a big deal is a provision that is NOT in this bill and that is protection for those other annoying time wasters: political robo calls."

Windows Vulnerability in Animated Cursor Handling 338

MoreDruid writes "Secunia reports a vulnerability in Windows Animated Cursor Handling. According to the linked article, the rating is "extremely critical". Microsoft has put up their own advisory on the subject, confirming this is a vulnerability that affects Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. The exploit has already been used in the wild. From the Secunia page: The vulnerability is caused due to an unspecified error in the handling of animated cursors and can e.g. be exploited by tricking a user into visiting a malicious website using Internet Explorer or opening a malicious e-mail message. Successful exploitation allows execution of arbitrary code."

Submission + - Microsoft discounts Office for university students

An anonymous reader writes: Word. Excel. PowerPoint. Access. Publisher. Outlook. All applications that are bundled in Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate, retailing for nearly $AU1200. But if you happen to be a university student in Australia, it can be yours for just $AU75. Is Microsoft running scared? Or is it a sign of the monopoly rent Microsoft has been able to get away with for years? You decide. The Melbourne Age has the details.

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