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Comment Yeah, ouch. (Score 4, Insightful) 151

That's barely a slap on the wrist for Big Magenta. More of a gentle tickle, really.

Using free data sources like Yahoo Finance, you can easily see that TMUS collected $33.9 billion in revenue over the last four quarters. $1.1 billion trickled down to become bottom-line profit. This $48 million fine is a rounding error compared to the company's sales and just 4.4% of its trailing profits.

Put another way, the company has 67 million total subscribers. If T-Mobile paid back the entire fine directly to its customers, it'd be a grand total of 72 cents each. Please sir, may I have another?

Comment Ugh. (Score 1) 427

"...the community graciously accepted it, seeing it as a huge step toward making Java better. Its unique selling point is the attention paid to every aspect of the programming language..."

Java 8 also turns your garbage into gold, serves you pancakes in the morning, and will never give you up. This is ad copy.

Comment Re:Minecraft is Sexist (Score 2) 57

Players should get a menu when creating a new character. The first choice would be male or female, followed by skin colour, then hair colour, hair style, zero to two arms, zero to two legs, religion, dietary choice, sex orientation and finally pro-tentacles or not.

But what if you're a hoopy frood with two heads and three arms?

You insensitive clod!

Submission + - Was Netflix's 130-market Expansion Really A Surprise?

ashshy writes: Last week, Netflix covered nearly the entire globe in streaming video services. The number of markets tripled from 60-something to over 190. The move took investors and Netflix fans by surprise, because it came so early — and so very, very quickly. But the breadcrumbs had actually been leading on this direction for a while, according to The Motley Fool. With roughly 75% of the world's broadband subscribers under its belt, now Netflix just needs to find a way into China.

Comment Re:Scott Adams said it best... (Score 1) 492

clarify please... keep Poe's law in mind.

Fair enough. I'll try to steer clear of Godwin's Law, though.

The way Scott Adams lays it out, I'm not 100% sure that Trump is a total nincompoop anymore. This whole act may in fact be a carefully calculated and very shrewd act, designed to steer the election in whatever direction he wants. Which may or may not include putting a terrible hairpiece in the Oval Office.

Like I said, I'm still not entirely convinced and need to think about everything some more. Will probably re-read Adams' article, just for good measure. Hope that satisfies the Poe conundrum.

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