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Comment How about firmware and drivers??? (Score 1) 245

I'd love to have the firmware to my Intel MB that they're not updating anymore, even though they know it is buggy; the latest version broke stuff that worked in the previous version but fixed other bugs from that version, so you have to pick your poison.

The other thing is drivers for hardware. If you're not going to update your buggy, crappy drivers, let us do it.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 3

Yes, it is completely new. This transmission does not rely on friction to go through its infinite number of gears. The current CVT transmissions use friction and belts to go through the gears, but this transmission does not use friction to go between the gears. It is fully engaged metal to metal all the time. This is not old tech with a new name. It is an entirely new paradigm. Go check it out yourself:


Submission + - Infinitely variable non-friction transmission ( 3

ashmon writes: A Utah company claims to have a working CAD model of an infinitely variable, constantly engaged, metal to metal transmission. This is almost like a perpetual motion machine in the transmission world. They have a working CAD model and a prototype is on the way. It uses a chain instead of a belt, (which relies on friction, which introduces tremendous wear) like the current CVT's, (constantly variable transmissions) currently found in automobiles.

If the CAD model actually works, it will be a major breakthrough in the automotive industry, and will benefit MANY different industries. Basically anything that needs a transmission.

Feed Microsoft's Suing Over Diverted Student Software... Even As Its Encouraged Simil (

There's been a lot of press coverage the past couple of days about Microsoft filing lawsuits and sending cease-and-desist letters over specially priced software for students being diverted to retailers. By itself, the story isn't all that interesting, but it did remind me of stories from the past few years that have suggested that Microsoft has either turned a blind eye to non-students buying student-priced software or actively trying to court non-students with the academic discounts. At the time, it seemed like Microsoft recognized that for many people, the alternative to not getting the student discount would be to either get a totally unauthorized version or move on to another platform. However, like so many other things, perhaps Microsoft's views keep changing as it grows older.
User Journal

Journal SPAM: US ready to strike Iran within days 5

Acknowledgement to Russian Information Agency Novosti (March 30, 2007)

Russian intelligence has information that the US Armed Forces have nearly completed preparations for a possible military operation against Iran, and will be ready to strike in early April, a security official said.

Official data says the US's military presence in the region has reached the level of March 2003 when the US invaded Iraq.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Google Toilet Wireless

James D. Semple writes: "Is this some sort of joke? I think the idea is ridiculous, Google TiSP is claiming to flush some sort of weighted-RJ45 cable or something down your toilet in order to get Wi-Fi in your bathroom (and the rest of your house?) I'm not sure if this is a joke or not, but its right on the homepage!!! is the formal link... what is this company thinking? Unreal."
The Internet

Most Digital Content Not Stable 353

brunes69 writes "The CBC is running an article profiling the problems with archiving digital data in New Brunswick's provincial archives. Quote from the story: 'I've had audio tape come into the archives, for example, that had been submerged in water in floods and the tape was so swollen it went off the reel, and yet we were able to recover that. We were able to take that off and dry it out and play it back. If a CD had one-tenth of one per cent of the damage on one of those reels, it wouldn't play, period. The whole thing would be corrupted'. Given the difficulties with preserving digital data, is it really the medium we should be using for archival purposes?"

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