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Comment Re:fdisk (Score 4, Insightful) 176

Their targeted users have no problem with the installation. If you aren't comfortable with the installation tools, you probably wouldn't be comfortable with OpenBSD. A pretty installation method is looking for a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

Comment Re:American Guns!! Yay NRA!! (Score 4, Insightful) 518

You should be ashamed of such a blatant misrepresentation of facts. There is an obvious difference between the re-arming of the German army and the dis-arming of the German citizenry. Sadly, most people that read your post will not have noticed and will now be able to spread your ignorance further.

(Not an unbiased article, to be sure, but it does have all the references necessary to disprove your claim in the footnotes.)

Comment Re:Short Study Timeframe (Score 1) 762

The average ownership of a vehicle in the US is around 5-6 years. I'm guessing it is about the same in Canada since they used 5 years for the study (I assume it wasn't just an arbitrary number). A lot of people do buy used cars and a lot of people do own them for longer than 5 years, but this study focused on buyers of new vehicles. If you want to crunch the numbers for your sector of the market, feel free but grow the fuck up and realize that not everybody is like yourself.

Comment Re:Pointless exercise in trying to fit WL into pri (Score 1) 86

As much as I respect Wikileaks and what they do, I would argue your point based on their yellow journalism exhibited with the "Collateral Murder" headline and heavily edited presentation. That is a very sore spot with me. I don't see anything wrong with the highlights that they are using to present the latest leaks as they are just that, highlights, but Wikileaks should have been a lot more responsible with the release of the Apache video. If they want to make "raw information available", that's what they should do and all they should do.

Comment Re:a gun (Score 2, Insightful) 825

I've heard of some straight up horrible things happen to dogs when their owners were away. One of my friends came home from work a few years ago and found his dog with a screwdriver through its head. I've heard of oven cleaner being used. Truly fucked up.

I'm a decent sized guy that has been attacked a couple of times by dogs as well (a pit and a doberman), and while I have some good scars, I wasn't ever too worried about handling myself against them. I am scared of rottweilers, but I can easily out run one of those fat fucks. Multiple dogs are really needed to scare off an experienced thief. Even then, don't grow too attached to a guard dog. They don't have great chances if someone wants what you have.

Comment Re:blah (Score 2, Interesting) 615

Admirable as it is that you chose not to retain your culture's superstitions and follow a more logical path, I'm sure that your ignorance shines through in many other areas. I'm just trying to suggest that you be a little less critical and quick to judge. Most people follow a faith because it provides them with direction and meaning, not because they necessarily believe everything they are taught. I generally support religion for this very reason. Nihilism in our lower classes leads to much worse situations than a little faith.

Comment Re:Diesel (Score 3, Informative) 1141

Frankly, you are full of shit. Unless, you live on an island by yourself, it is highly unlikely that no gas stations in your area sell diesel. Do you think that all those people driving trucks import the gas? or order it online?

Go here:

Input your zip code and select diesel as the fuel type. Voila! What do you know, you were wrong.

I can't believe this was modded up...

Comment Re:And people wonder... (Score 1) 300

Really? I live 6 hours away from Vegas. I travel there several times a year to visit friends and take short vacations. I used to fly, but it has become such a pain in the ass that I drive most of the time now. Sure, when I go back east, I still fly because of the distance, but the short flights around the west and southwest are out. I'd rather drive than put up with the bullshit.

Comment Re:Nicotine (Score 1) 790

I don't think that the chart takes into account the life effects of the drug. It is based on the addictive qualities of the drug (obviously, cocaine is a drug with high potential for abuse, but most people can't afford it so they abuse cheaper drugs) and the physical damage the drug causes. Cocaine tends to do a lot of damage to the nasal cavities, sinuses, throat, etc. and also shortens life expectancy as do all other stimulants. I would have actually expected amphetamines to be a lot closer to coke, but I'm guessing they are talking about oral instead of ice or powder.

Comment Re:Nicotine (Score 1) 790

But it's rare for people to overdose to the point of death with amphetamines. Heroin has a much higher death rate than speed. Plus, if you think that opiates are relatively harmless, you haven't been around too many junkies. It all depends on where you grew up. A place will tend towards junkies or meth-heads but rarely has high concentrations of both which can obviously color your view.

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