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Comment Are these tests really comparable? (Score 2) 116

Verizon's network has been live for quite a while now and there's a decent number of customers actively using it. I would wager there wasn't many other AT&T customers sharing resources when these tests were conducted, but on Verizon's there was.

I'll be curious to see these tests repeated in six months, a year, etc.

(NOTE: not a Verizon fan... I'm with Sprint... just pointing out the obvious).

Comment I actually had this idea about 10 years ago... (Score 1) 990

I argued with all of my friends about it and they all thought I was an idiot. :) Since then we've had a major change to when DST (at least in the US) takes affect which makes the problem just worse.

That said, I doubt we could convince the world to change, but for those of us that routinely communicate with friends/colleagues around the world... timezones only complicate the matter.

Comment Been reading forever and sad to see you go... (Score 1) 1521

Speaking as someone with a pretty low ID number....

I stumbled across your home page in the summer of '97 and was looking at your rendered animations and chips 'n dips. Been following pretty much ever since. Sad to see you go, but I wish you all the luck.

I guess it's about time I circled you on Google+.

Comment Re:A couple of issues (Score 1) 913

To be technically correct, engineer licensing is handled at the state level and each state does it differently. In Texas, the title "Software Engineer" does mean something and if you are not a licensed "Professional Engineer (PE)" and attempt to claim to be a Software Engineer you can get into a mess of trouble.

I have an ABET accredited Masters of Engineering degree in Computer Science (from a state school no less) but I never sat for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam nor completed the required apprenticeship period (or sit for the PE Exam) so I cannot claim to be a Software Engineer. (However, I've got nearly 12 years of industry experience as a software developer).

Comment Re:Is There An Epub Format? (Score 3, Insightful) 85

I don't understand why so many people put "Free Book" on the web, but put it in an HTML page with links to the various chapters. Is it too much to ask for the convenience of a single PDF, MOBI, or EPUB I can download to an eReader?

Since it's Creative Commons, Derivative works should be allowed. I took a stab at pulling down all the files with wget and then generating an EPUB using Calibre. Don't claim the format is perfect, this is the first time I've ever tried anything like this. However, it should be readable. If you interested, I've put it up on Google Docs.

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