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Comment Re:No, they replaced it was a barometer (Score 1) 248

No worse than the people who wrote the original article. At least my excuse is not being a native English speaker who was trying to get a first post too.

What about the poor poor editors and submitter? Don't they have a right to share their piece of wisdom on this hot apple topic before every body realizes there is no story?

Comment Re:Sure... (Score 1) 155

Without monsoons whole of the Indian subcontinent would be a dessert, they are single handedly responsible for most of the rainfall (consequently irrigation and agriculture) in india.
From Wikipedia

Due to its effect on agriculture, flora and fauna and the general weather of India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc., among other economic, social and environmental effects, a monsoon is one of the most anticipated, followed[3] and studied weather phenomena of the Indian subcontinent. It has significant impact on the overall well-being of subcontinent residents and has even been dubbed the "real finance minister of India"

Comment Re:Missing the key point (Score 1) 421

1.) Double the resources doesn't imply mean double the ability, depends on what ability we are talking about.Car Analogy: Double the amount of fuel you have in tank does not double the max speed you can achieve,(though it does double the distance)
2.) Computers might not have pee breaks but what about Garbage Collection breaks?

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