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Comment Re:No need (Score 1) 214

For quality IP6 connectivity, you also need to accept the multicast address space in INPUT chain, or at least parts of it. Good old ICMP is also nice, your policy allowing:

    ip6tables -A INPUT -d ff00::/8 -j ACCEPT # Multicasts are necessary and nice
    ip6tables -A INPUT -p icmpv6 -j ACCEPT # ICMPs make us all quite happy

For example, the IPv6 replacement of IPv4 ARP is performed using IPv6 link-local multicast, among other thingies.
Firewall policies on (even the upstream) links must understand the IPv6 specific requirements for accepting inbound multicasts for the fullest IPv6 experience.

When your local ISP still does not offer native IPv6 addressing and traffic, a good way to start using IPv6 is to get a free 6to4-tunnel from Hurricane Electric .

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