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Comment Re:I guess the old saying is true, then... (Score 1) 800

This is untrue and just plain troll bait. To wit: I was robbed at knife point by some dude in his 20's, when I was in 6th grade. I was jumped in Chicago by 2 guys; I lived in a house on the south side of chicago for 8 mos - we got robbed 5 times - 4 of those five times we were upstairs asleep. I'm a white, southern, born, straight male. I work in the construction industry and make art/murals as well. I also own a handgun. I have some economic conservative ideas and some libertarian ideas as well. I own my own house, and my own business. I'm a vegetarian. I am still liberal. These silly labels and judgments are counter-productive. This divide and conquer approach is working on us as a people... we really need to get past this ideological bickering of mindless and undefinable labels crap - and get down to business. We have real issues at hand today as voters and we need to press for real soultions - specifically to our legislators - presidents are junk puppets. Personally I think this article is just junk science... and strives for nothing more than us wasting our time talking and arguing - so as to not pay attention to goals as a society. Expecting us to let"them" take care of it. It's our responsibility, people.

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