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Comment MIT WIFI Study (Score 3, Informative) 588

There was an MIT under grad psychology study done a few years ago on the Effects of WiFi on people with WiFi sensitivity. They had a WiFi generator that had antennas, dials and blinking lights. The generator was always positioned behind the test subjects so they could not directly see if it was on or off. However, there were enough reflective surfaces on the opposing wall so the the subject could tell when it was on or off. When the generator was brought in the room and and turned on the subjects felt the effects. When it was turned off and or removed from the room the subjects felt much better.

The machine did nothing.

The ceiling of the room was loaded with active WiFi base stations that were on all the time during the tests yet the subjects only reacted when the fake WiFi generator was turned on and in the room.

Comment This sounds familiar. (Score 3, Interesting) 278

I was once part of an audio book venture that created a book reader app and and associated library application library that was specifically designed to be used by the blind and severely disabled. It actually met all its goals in regards to usability. So the company took it to the largest national organizations to get their seal of approval for it. The company was turned down by all of them because although application interface years ahead of any other application in regrades to the blind and severely disabled, their words, it did not accommodate the deaf. An audio book application that did not accommodate the deaf.

Comment Sheer Stupidity (Score 1) 903

Americans have got to be the stupidest people on the planet. Everyone screams about abortion but at the same do every thing thy can to make it harder for people to access contraception something that has been shown in study after study as reducing not only abortions but also health and social services costs.. Then again almost 50% of them think the Bible is a science text book so I guess that explains it.

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