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Comment Re:So, its for the DRM then... (Score 1) 436

Often the DRM does need to know about the stream it is encoding though. Because it will only encode part of the stream. This is true of DVDs for instance. If you let mplayer play an encoded DVD stream you will see fragments of frames. I bet the same if true of modern DRM. It uses up space to encrypt. So you just encrypt enough to make the stream unwatchable (like only only encrypt the key frames). And to do that you need to know the structure of the stream and implementing that for multiple different stream type requires being not lazy.

Comment Re:Thought experiment (Score 1) 427

I don't think you should hold the accountants liable. Hold the company liable. And punish it with death by revoking it's charter and liquidating it or something like that. And maybe the government could take control of the brand and certain critical assets so the company cannot just reappear under new ownership.

Comment Re:Glassfish is a Must-Have for Oracle (Score 2, Insightful) 234

I'd be really sad to see JavaFX die. I know people hate applets and although I don't agree with them I can't really blame them. Applets have done some serious sucking over the years. But I think times have changed a lot. And especially with all the new JVM languages popping up I'd be really sad to see Flash continue to be the goto technology for interactive graphical web apps. This is partly because I hate flash though.

Comment Re:The mass still has to come from somewhere (Score 1) 384

The meat eating world always seems to ignore the human ability to eat plants. I'm not going to say we shouldn't use silk worms. But human can eat the plants too. It would provide more variety and would probably make the diet healthier. So:

----> while (1) { plants(Sun, Fertiziler); silkworm(Plants); humans(Silkworm, Plants); }

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