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Comment So very, very true! (Score 1) 95

I had Centurylink try to sell me 1M DSL when I moved into an old apartment (a downgrade of about 15M that I had with Centurylink before), so I bit the bullet and got Xfinity internet (no phone, no cable) for about 30M. More than I wanted to spend, but it isn't sucktastic in speeds.

Still waiting for Google Fiber to move into the neighborhood.

Comment Snowden hates Hillary... (Score 2) 461

...because she's stated that she would back prosecuting him if he came back to the USA. (This is one of the few, main points that I disagree with her policy myself, BTW).
So if Hillary gets elected, he's got at least another four years before he can try to come back under a (possibly) different president.

Comment Re: The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 1) 644

Not sure how you get beyond 100% unqualified.

Hillary is corrupt, and a criminal, and a terrible choice. Trump has proposed arming middle eastern despots with nuclear weapons, and is pro-nuclear proliferation. That is how you go beyond 100%.

And amazingly (really!) not a single shred of evidence, not even a single indictment. Yet somehow she's the criminal, while the Rump is basically a businessman mafioso.

Comment James Comey laid it on thick. (Score 4, Informative) 801

He was very, very careful in his phrasing (and then large on hyperbole) with what he stated. He claimed two emails carried 'confidential markings' (which was only sorta true) and then switched gears on confidential emails (which is, in fact different). There are maybe 30-40 emails that were sent that had confidential or higher (most were just confidential). So about .006% error rate on humans using email and sent something through email they shouldn't have.

One of the confidential emails... was to a lawyer and "confidential" in the sense that lawyer-client privileges applied. There were a couple of (C) markings in a few emails, but the top actually didn't have the markings for Confidential/Secret or whatnot. An incredibly huge percentage of emails were marked confidential expo-facto (and by other agencies that tend to try and classify _everything_, including public knowledge of the weather at times).

James Comey just did a public hatchet job of "selling" that Hillary should have been indicted, then basically admitted he didn't have a case that any competent prosecutor would attempt to take before a judge. Congrats, partisan hack, you pulled the wool over most of the viewers and readers.

Comment Re:Totally justified (Score 3, Insightful) 229

Ah yes, when you can't get your own way and get what you want, that totally makes it okay to break the law.

That's why a police officer who can't get his confession can keep bashing the suspect's head in.

That's why politicians can sell votes.

Following the law is for chumps who have no leadership potential.

You missed the point. She tried to play by the US security apparatuses rules and basically got told to go away, so she did what many people do when your IT department is being stupid and figured out a way to do what she needed so she could do her job.

Comment No. Because it's not just cost. (Score 1) 654

It's time and it's inconvenient. Riding a bus and rail system to work and back would turn my 60 minutes of commute time into almost 180 minutes. It disrupts your whole day waking up an extra hour and a half early and you get home late.

For a while when I had an even longer commute, I was getting up at 5:30am to get home at 8:00pm.

Comment Car Theft? Puh-lease... (Score 1) 131

It is immediately suborned by police to verify if you have your car registered correctly or other 'money making' acts.

I was quite surprised to be pulled over by a cop a few years ago and told that my registration was expired. Especially surprising because my car had it's proper stickers and I'd just finished registering it a few weeks prior.

But apparently the local county DMV records that the city PD was using were out of date, so he thought I was using illegal stickers or some crap. So to say that they only use these licence plate readers for catching 'stolen cars' is pretty much a bald faced lie.

They'll use it every which way they can and "catch" all the criminals, damn their privacy.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 676

How about all them deleted emails?


I am pretty liberal and I can hardly imagine voting Republican again for a while, but even I cannot understand why the email thing isn't a bigger deal. I guess that is because I am not a lawyer. From what I can tell, deleting potential evidence that you even think might be subpoenaed later is a crime. A pretty serious one. And the Republicans have been threatening to subpoena for those records since the scandal started.

This doesn't seem like some little transgression to me. I think the Benghazi nonsense is just that, nonsense. But the email deletions literally seem like a jail-able offense to me. And honestly I think they should be. As far as I can tell the only reason she isn't in more trouble is because Eric Holder is a very political attorney general.

I would love for someone to convince me this isn't a big deal, and considering the media doesn't cover this more I am probably just wrong about how bad it is. I thought the email scandal was ridiculous when it was just about using her private server, but the second she admitted to deleting the emails things just became far less trivial.

You mean after actually giving the State Department the emails that were work pertinent? People seem to think that no one has seen 'any' of her emails, but that actually isn't the case.

The Republicans would love to access to every email she had at that point. They would find *something* so that they could splash more mud on her. Because they are terrified of Hillary Clinton as president canidate.

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