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Comment Re:And he is, probably, right (Score 2) 284

If public safety is his concern, there are many more dangerous things than terrorism :
Dead right you should think of the children. They're dangerous.

Comment Re:wrong target (Score 4, Informative) 431

I know they're always ignored and this one fails to attack the most significant points - such as the government's treatment of Snowden as a criminal rather than a whistleblower showing up abuse.

However, lots of votes will at least make ignoring the call embarrassing. Even the americans are claiming to review the situation.


Comment Re:It's easy! (Score 1) 712

Because Windows is only there to support legacy programs, and they're most reliably supported by the OS they were originally written for. If I wanted to use some recent program that required Windows 7, that might be a different matter. But I don't know of any such program.

Comment Re:Add to that, NYI... (Score 1) 231

This is Wall Street. Manhattan. Terrorists have tried to blow it off the map multiple times. Several hurricanes have hit this spit of land that sits a mere few feet above sea level in the last decades. A hurricane hit and flooded parts last year even!

And that's the best site you can find for a datacentre ? Doesn't give me much confidence in your financial organisation's acumen.

Comment he's stuffed (Score 1) 1065

So next week, holidays mean they're really scraping the barrel .. down to the 7th most senior UK politician


And May is a US patsy - she'll roll over for the RIAA, let alone the state department


So what happens when she's in charge ? I guess she sends in the police, pushes Assange to wherever her masters tell her, and then gets blamed / sacked as an apology for the resulting diplomatic outcry. Which is handy, as she's a liability the government would love to lose.


United Kingdom

Submission + - EMF Camp, Hacker Camp for Makers and Hackers. (emfcamp.org)

An anonymous reader writes: During Friday 31st August through to Sunday 2nd September 2012 there is a three-day camping festival for people with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, geeks, scientists, engineers, artists, and craftspeople. It is the largest of it's kind in the UK and there are still some tickets available.

Comment Re:Passwords are for philistines (Score 1) 167

You're assuming the loss is via a compromised computer. For me, the most likely loss of the key is laptop theft. So I want to ensure that isn't going to give an automatic login to the home machine. i'd prefer to have both key pair and password, but failing that I think password is preferable to key pair.

Comment legacy os (Score 1) 417

I run windows for supporting legacy apps that aren't sufficiently important to replace or make to work under Wine. So there's really no point in running Vista (nothing was written for it) or 7 (can't always run older software). It would just mean higher license and hardware costs for extended grief.

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