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Comment Re: Time to switch (Score 3, Interesting) 217

I can think of several Fortune 500 companies that use Office 365 based on info from friends and family that work there. I wouldn't be surprised if OneDrive was disabled for some of those users but many big companies have bought into renting Office, hosted Exchange, and hosted Skype for Business.Office 365 Enterprise E5 tops out at $35 per person per month and I am guessing gets much cheaper for large enterprises. That is dirt cheap for the value you are getting. My company was recently acquired and we went from Office 365 everything back to on-premise because that is the way the acquiring company runs their business and every single person complains about the capabilities and reliability that we lost in the transition.

Comment too bad really (Score 1, Insightful) 288

In my work, I use iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile 10 (and before that Windows Phone 8.x). Windows felt like it made the best use of the hardware. Even a sub-$50 Windows phone ran smoother and had better battery life than a $400 Android. The Visual Studio development environment is light years ahead of Xcode, Eclipse, and Android Studio (imo of course).

But the first-mover advantage of iOS and Android was too much to overcome (yes I am ignoring Windows Mobile 6.x and earlier because that was an totally different era and was not any competition).

I guess Android won the handheld battle just like Windows won the desktop battle.
And iOS plays second fiddle to Android just like Mac OS does to Windows -- in market share at least, not necessarily profits.

Comment exaggerated FUD (Score 1) 115

Where is the evidence of any SSL/TLS certificates showing errors? Seems like total conjecture based on poor reading of this audit data request made by Microsoft.

This is AUDIT data, not the actual cert info. Read the details of the audit requirements here:

This just means that Microsoft lost the documentation showing that the Certificate Authorities had performed their annual audit. Under normal circumstances, this might mean that those certs would be invalidated but seeing as how this was just a bookkeeping problem on Microsoft's end, they obviously won't invalidate anything.

This is an embarrassment for Microsoft but nothing else.

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