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Comment Re:Poking Holes is EASY (Score 2, Informative) 1120

Agreed. Anyone who says that greenhouse gas emissions are decreasing: you are utterly out of touch with reality. In the next five years, the United States and Europe will fall to #3 and #4 in terms of coal burning (a large source of greenhouse gases) behind India and China, who are INCREASING their use of fossil fuels--China is sitting on a reserve of coal and is burning The article is both wrong and right. Global warming exists, but only in a certain fashion...calling what's happening with Earth's climate 'global warming' is a bit convoluted. Look up the current theory of Climate Change (NOTE: NOT global warming) that is essentially a cybernetic system between cooling and warming. Global warming is influenced (and induced) by a rise in greenhouse gases (CO2, SOx, NOx, H20, etc) and the earth's greenhouse effect; these are shadowed by what is now known as Global Dimming, which is essentially the cooling of the atmosphere due to particulate pollutants. The small particle emissions (from fossil fuel burning, for example) create vapors and clouds in the atmosphere that, rather than absorbing light, like unaffected clouds, REFLECTS light from the atmosphere, thus resulting in the cooling effect some areas are seeing. So no, kids, the problem isn't simply switching to hydrogen-powered cars or reducing particle pollution--that results in the devastating heatwave in Europe during the summer of 2003 that led to the deaths of 20,000 people in Italy and 10,000 in France. By reducing particle emissions to reduce respiratory illness, we are inadvertently creating an entirely accelerated set of problems... This stuff is fairly new, and most policy makers are utterly unaware of it. Human-influnced climate change isn't new...(mesopotamia was once called the 'fertile crescent')

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