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Comment Re:Um fellas .... (Score 1) 44

I really think an example like yours (except including the addends), or some other easier to see but valid example that adds to a prime like the first example would be more illustrative.

My example without the addends is sort of the point, right? I don't know what the addends are, but I am absolutely certain they exist. There's a proof. Pick any huge odd number you like, and the same guarantee exists. I'm not mathematician enough to guess how difficult it might be to find said addends, and digging around on Wolfram Alpha long enough to find out sounds too much like work for this time of night. But maybe it's difficult enough to be useful. And maybe not. Encryption is generally built on the difficulties of prime factorization. I don't know how difficult it is to find a triple prime partition of a large odd number, and maybe there's a reason cryptographers prefer factorization to partitioning. Maybe it's difficult enough?

Comment Re:How to describe this to the non-technical... (Score 1) 135

But now imagine the cable company wants to cap the number of hours you can watch TV per month. You still pay the same $100 base price, but if you want to watch more than 30 hours per month, you'll need to pay another $10 for every block of 10 hours you want to watch above the base amount.

And since the cable company is delivering TV digitally over the exact same wire using the exact same hardware, this isn't a metaphor. This is a completely literal description of what they're trying to get away with.

Comment Re:Not even read? Obviously true (Score 1) 135

Would you say it's false that some young people who hack games in order to cheat may later apply similar skills to "cheat" the law, to be involved in "low level cybercrime"?

I say false, yes. The people I knew in high school and college who hacked games in order to cheat were the type who were already petty criminals to begin with. Chiseling little weasels that shoplifted and vandalized for fun and profit. Cheating in games came later, when they discovered they could troll people by doing it. I fully expected them to be cybercriminals (stupid word though it is), but it wasn't the cheating in games that led to it. It was their life-long habits.

United Kingdom

UK's Top Police Warn That Modding Games May Turn Kids into Hackers ( 135

Joseph Cox, writing for Motherboard: Last week at EGX, the UK's biggest games event, attendees got a chance to play upcoming blockbusters like Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, and Gears of War 4. But budding gamers may also have spotted a slightly more unusual sight: a booth run by the National Crime Agency (NCA), the UK's leading law enforcement agency. Over the last few years, the NCA has attempted to reach out to technologically savvy young people in different ways. EGX was the first time it's pitched up to a gaming convention; the NCA said it wanted to educate young people with an interest in computers and suggested that those who mod online games in order to cheat may eventually progress to using low level cybercrime services like DDoS-for-hire and could use steering in the right direction. "The games industry can help us reach young people and educate them on lawful use of cyber skills," Richard Jones, head of the NCA's National Cyber Crime Unit's 'Prevent' team, told Motherboard in an email. "Through attendance at EGX and various other activities, we are seeking to promote ethical hacking or penetration testing, as well as other lawful uses of an interest in computers to young people," Jones said.

Comment Re:IoA (Score 2) 116

When people talk about an IPv6 address being 128 bits they're technically true but they miss the bigger picture. In practice you can't assign anything smaller than a /64 so really there are only 64 bits of address space as we think of it today. 1 IPv4 address hosting a subnet with NAT vs. an IPv6 /64 prefix are roughly equivalent. It's still way more address space than we'll ever reasonably need, but not quite as ridiculous as it looks at first glance. This also means that 64 bit machines (most of them these days) can compare addresses easily, since you can often ignore either the top or bottom half of the address.
Operating Systems

Windows 10 Now On 400 Million Active Devices, Says Microsoft ( 141

Microsoft announced today that Windows 10 is now running on over 400 million active devices. This is up from 300 million as of May, and 207 million as of end of the March. The company says that it deems devices that have been active in the past 28 days as "active." Microsoft added that this 400 million active devices figure include tablets and phones as well as Xbox One consoles, HoloLens, and Surface Hubs running Windows 10. Paul Thurrott adds:Microsoft last provided a Windows 10 usage milestone on June 29, when it said that there were 350 million active Windows 10 devices. At that time, I noted that the Windows 10 adoption had accelerated from the previous milestone, hitting an average of almost 29 million new devices per month. But 50 million additional devices over three months is a much slower pace of about 17 million per month. This is the slowest rate since Windows 10 was first announced. Again, no surprise there: Windows 10 was free for its first year, and over that time period it averaged roughly 31.25 million new devices per month (if you assume a figure of 375 million after one year, as I do). Does this mean that Windows 10 will see fewer than 20 million new devices each month, on average, going forward? No, of course not. There's no way to accurately gauge how things will go, given that most future devices will be new PCs purchased by businesses or consumers, or business PCs upgraded to Windows 10.

Comment Re:How does TensorFlow solve this? (Score 0) 183

TensorFlow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs.

Which is the basis of machine learning. Do you expect somebody to hold your dick for you while you pee, too?

Is this Slashdot or is this Gawker?

In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, STOP WHINING!

Comment Slashdot doesn't read tech news anymore. (Score -1, Troll) 183

I see Slashdot is too busy bitching about SJWs and global warming to read actual tech news anymore.

In answer to both Bruce Perens and destinyland, Google has open-sourced the TensorFlow library and created a public API to access their pre-trained instance of the library. Both of these announcements were made to a wider audience in March at Google's NEXT cloud conference, but it was publicly known since at least November 2015, when it appeared on Slashdot with a link to the source on GitHub.

That Slashdot posting got 37 comments. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

Comment Re:They didn't tolerate intolerance (Score 1) 633

> Yes, but democracy doesn't mean that you have a right not to be criticized, shunned, fired, boycotted, and abused in any other lawful manner for your speech.

Actually, your own state laws define such a right, at least for being fired. Surprised to see you champion abuse in there, though. I mean, you do realize that some woman is being abused just for being this guy's GF, right? I find it interesting that's not in conflict with your values, given that you've yet to condemn that in any way. Anyhow, I hope you remember all that some day when the shoe is on the other foot. FWIW, campaigns to abuse anyone who doesn't share your beliefs rarely end well.

I don't like any lies, though, Trump's or Hillary's (or anyone else's). I'm not deluded enough to believe either of them.

Comment Re:Fire the management that pulled VR support (Score 1) 633

Can they survive without the support of the developers that are threatening to drop support?

Very likely. There is no obvious VR killer app so far. Is one of the people currently running their yap likely to write it? Not really.

I like how the creators of Job Simulator are keeping quiet. The people who created a "game" called Job Simulator are looking at their jobs and their business and saying not a word. Go figure. It must be a highly accurate simulation.

Comment Re:The price is wrong... (Score 1) 49

... since they'll use it to spy on me, they should pay me instead.

All that effort to create the Alphabet name with the publicly stated purpose of being able to sell hardware while disassociating it from the Panopticon and every single upcoming product has Google in the name.

Is the Google brand really that strong, despite the Panopticon? Or is calling a company Alphabet really that dumb? Or has Google's attention span gotten so incredibly poor they can't remember why they created Alphabet? Or all of the above? Or should they have called it Cowboy Neal's Chips and Bits?

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