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Comment Re:Unix-like directories and Go whining? Stop it. (Score 1) 52

Well Brian, to wrap your head around things you can relate to, better toss that MacBook you authored your article on (BSD-variant and Unix-like directory structure), stop watching Netflix (hosted on Linux and some distributed POSIX-friendly Unix-like filesystem), don't put anything on Dropbox anymore (hosted on Linux and some distributed POSIX-friendly Unix-like filesystem). Get my point? Stop whining. Just because it's over your head, doesn't mean it's not over anyone elses.

Also, try using the web with URLs like http:\\\ to avoid the Unixy feel.

Comment Re:Yet more skewed bullshit testing from AMD. (Score 1) 238

I'd like to see a like-for-like benchmark between Ryzen and I7, such as single-thread at the same clock speeds.

Uh, they did. The Cinebench single-threaded results are in the slide. Right hand side. The 1800X is indistinguishable from Intel's 6900K at single-threaded performance. And Cinebench is compiled with Intel's compiler.

Undoubtedly there will be some benchmarks where Intel is still ahead, and yes we are waiting for third party testing. Still, from what we're seeing out of AMD, they're no longer down 10% in like-for-like comparisons. They're +/- 1% now. While being substantially cheaper. If the accompanying motherboards are competitive in features and build quality, Ryzen is a serious contender for all buyers, not just seriously budget-conscious buyers. It's no longer a matter of "oooh, I guess I can put up with not having the best to save some money." It's now "ooo, I can get exactly the same performance for half the price, and better peripheral support." (Well, I say now, but I mean March 2nd.)

AMD fanboys can place pre-orders without even a hint of remorse or compromise. The rest of us can hold off on any planned new system purchases until mid-March, when the folks at Tom's Hardware are done with their benchmarking. Odds are that unless you really really really have to buy the Intel system because you don't intend to use it for anything other than running that ONE piece of software that is an outlier in benchmarks (whatever it might be: 7-zip?), then you should be buying an AMD system if you can find a motherboard that meets your needs. Unless you really enjoy throwing away $600 for nothing.

Comment Re: Except for those arrests for conspiracy... (Score 1) 505

None of those are relevant to *this* case. All you're saying is that sometimes people lie, so you won't believe anything unless you want to.

And for the record, I don't expect to convince you of anything. You're literally incapable of agreeing with me on that issue no matter what.

Comment Re:Too many cores. (Score 1) 71

They've taken a crappy, underpowered chip that was trimmed to the bone to try and make something that competes with Arm, and are hacking on extras to make it sound more like a Xeon.

So it's like taking Pentium 3 and hacking on extras from Pentium 4 (the actual innovations around the core, not the GHz race) to make Pentium M, then putting several of these on a single die to make the Core series? Not a bad idea.

Or could this be Intel's trick, that they've taken a Core 2 Mobile CPU, scraped off the Penryn label, reprinted it as Atom++, and are shipping those?

I think this already happened a while ago, in a way. For instance, the original Atoms didn't have out-of-order execution, but the later ones do: It looks a bit like the Pentium brand that lives on as the low end of Cores.

BTW, I have one of the earlier in-order Atoms running happily in a server-ish machine where GPUs do all the heavy lifting. It's perfect for the job, and I guess more Atom cores would be great for a lot of server tasks, at least given enough I/O. Ideally, something like ARM or MIPS would probably be even better, but good luck finding (a) a suitable mobo with all the PCIe slots and (b) AMD/Nvidia binary drivers.

Comment Re:Lifestyles of the Poor but Interesting (Score 1) 143

Things like getting married, starting a family, or even moving out from underneath Mom and Dads roof; all of these life events will likely cost more than the average "interesting" salary.

Many Chinese men will never have the opportunity without plural marriage. There's 27 million more men than women in China right now. By 2020, it's expected to be 35 million more men than women. As the linked article points out, that's the entire population of Canada. A country worth of young men will not be able to marry and start a family. It's 15% of their age cohort. Fifteen percent! That's insane. And they're already an economic force to be reckoned with. Singles Day sales in China dwarfs Black Friday sales in the US.

Gigging is one reaction to that massive demographic disparity. There's no need to look for the stability and independence that goes with a family because for tens of millions of Chinese men, there will be no family. The consequences of China's One Child policy are going to be with them (and possibly with us, the rest of the world) for the rest of the century, and no one really understands all of the ramifications. This has never happened before, in all of human history. The closest analog is perhaps the American West during the colonial period, but that gender disparity neither lasted as long as this one must nor involved anything like the sheer scale of the one in China. Gigging may be the least of the distortions that are coming.

Comment Re:Some hints (Score 1) 117

(1) If you are near sighted (which I am), have your the prescription *slightlt* detuned, so it isn't perfect. Mine is detuned by I think around 0.25. This reduces eye strain by a HUGE amount. You won't be able to read highway signs from far away but who needs to do that any more with gps nav?

Ah, I was just posting about this below, so let me ask: why not have separate glasses for computer work?

Comment I'm not sure this is a good idea (Score 1) 193

I'm torn on the idea of having one particular crypto implementation having first class citizen status in the language. It should help adoption and alleviate deployment headaches, but if that library turns out to have problems or just becomes obsolete it's even more of a hassle to work around it. Crypto algorithms are unusual in computer science in that they come with use-by dates. Most algorithms are timeless, but crypto changes constantly. What are the odds that in 5 years this becomes "that thing you shouldn't use but everybody uses it anyway because it's the default and its built in"?

Comment What about optical power? (Score 3, Informative) 117

I'm myopic, and I often read books without glasses, but the computer screen is a little too far for that. So I sometimes find it easier to use my old glasses for computing, compared to my regular glasses with a stronger correction. Around here, "computer glasses"* refer to glasses with the optical power optimized for screen distances. It's something you can get from your employer as a health benefit if you work at a screen all day.

I also use redshift on Linux to tone down the blues (the colour component) during the night, but it's a completely orthogonal issue. Plus if you're worried about computing ruining your sleep, there's also the psychological buzz, so I'm not sure which one dominates in practice.

*(One common term is "päätelasit" meaning "terminal glasses", not necessarily because you're so old they're the last glasses you'll ever need, but because our computing term-inology is ancient and we still think in terms of terminals.)

Comment Re:Once you take away the need for FT benefits (Score 3, Informative) 143

Dunno where you work, but around these parts all the part time jobs are scheduled by the week, and half of them will fire you if you can't show up in 30 minutes when they call you in for the lunch rush or inventory night. Oh, you're at your other job? Oh your other job wants you from 11-2PM next week too? Tough shit, but hey, you only lose half your income.

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