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Comment Re:Linux - Gentoo based (Score 1) 554

Gentoo since 2003. Back then, there were no install CDs and the documentation was kind of lacking, so you had to start with another Linux distro and work from there.

At the time, I had also experimented with NetBSD and I loved the cleaner Unix style, but hardware support was seriously lacking. Fortunately, I found Gentoo which takes the BSD framework into a GNU userland with the Linux kernel, and everything has been perfect ever since.

Comment Re:James Dyson is a cunt. (Score 1) 221

...he doesn't much like paying the going rate for western engineers when he can get them for ten-a-penny in the Far East.

And if 3000 Chinese engineers could have invented a better battery, they would have. American universities have graduated 3 million Chinese engineers, and they still haven't made a better battery. Asia in general and China in particular are conformist cultures. You don't get inventors from conformist societies. Chinese engineers come to the US to learn how do to engineering "properly". And they succeed. They go back to China knowing everything there is to know about how to repeat the engineering someone else has already done. And that's just what they do. The result is great refinement and no invention.

Japan and South Korea have shown glimmers of inventiveness, but their nonconformists are very hard on them. It remains to be seen if they'll be able to sustain what little inventiveness they have found. Judging by Sony, Japan's odds aren't good. Judging by Samsung, Korea has a chance.


Domino's Will Deliver Pizza By Drone and By Robot ( 55

An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes CNN Money's report that "pizzas will soon be dropping from the heavens": Domino's demonstrated its ability to deliver food via a drone Thursday in New Zealand and plans to test actual deliveries to customers next month. "It doesn't add up to deliver a two kilogram package in a two-ton vehicle," said Scott Bush, a general manager for Domino's Pizza Enterprises, which is independent of the U.S. chain and operates in seven countries. "In Auckland, we have such massive traffic congestion it just makes sense to take to the airways."

A Domino's customer who requests a drone delivery will receive a notification when their delivery is approaching. After going outside and hitting a button on their smartphone, the drone will lower the food via a tether. Once the package is released, the drone pulls the tether back up and flies back to the Domino's store.

Robotics Trends has video from the flight, and reports that Domino's is also testing a pizza-delivering robot. Their Domino's Robotics Unit "has four wheels, is less than three feet tall, and has a heated compartment that can hold up to 10 pizzas. It can deliver pizzas within a 12.5-mile radius before needing to be recharged."

Comment Re:Jurisdiction (Score 1) 110

The argument is that he had a presence in the US (server)

Ah, that's what I was missing, thanks.

The message has been sent -- you dip your toe in the torrent waters above a certain level and your life will be turned upside-down.

They are also close to sending the message that they intend to enforce their rules across the whole world. Which I guess accords with the rest of the US's imperialist message.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 679

But we'd have a real problem trying to invade Canada without the resources to wage an extended war.

I'm pretty sure all you need to do to invade Canada is to walk across the border and ask the first person you see, "Where's the nearest Tim Hortons, eh?"

They'd fight us to the death defenting a Horton's! Probably send out coffee to us during fighting breaks as well.

Who said anything about fighting? I was suggesting getting into the queue.

Comment Hot Chips Conference (Score 2) 111

Perhaps more interesting is the semi-detailed presentation about AMD's Zen. Other people have already pointed out that a paltry few hundred million transistors doesn't get you very far. What are the billions of transistors used for? The Zen presentation is quite informative. Loads of cache is a fair chunk of it. Überfancy predictive logic is another big chunk of it. The rest is absorbed by 4 completely parallel ALUs, two parallel AGUs, and a completely independent floating point section with two MUL and two ADD logics. And after all that, what you get is parity with Intel's Broadwell. Barely.

So for perspective, that took a decade of hard labor by quite well paid engineers, and there was no low-hanging fruit in the form of the register-starved x86 architecture for AMD to pluck this time. The difference between half a billion and two billion transistors is very very substantial.

Comment Re:You've captured Manslaughter! (Score 1, Insightful) 174

Do you think the injured/dead parties won't?!

They won't. It's Japan. They're not overly litigious, because they don't suffer from an infestation of libertarians and their government actually works. This guy WILL do time, and it won't be short either. Japan takes an extremely dim view of traffic fatalities and they have a functioning government that will enforce the traffic laws.


ISP Lobbyists Pushing Telecom Act Rewrite ( 75

Karl Bode, reporting for DSLReports:Telecom lobbyists are pushing hard for a rewrite of the Telecom Act, this time with a notable eye on cutting FCC funding and overall authority. AT&T donated at least $70,000 to back Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, and clearly expects him to spearhead the rewrite and make it a priority in 2017. The push is an industry backlash to a number of consumer friendly initiatives at the FCC, including new net neutrality rules, the reclassification of ISPs under Title II, new broadband privacy rules, new cable box reform and an attempt to protect municipal broadband. AT&T's Ryan donation is the largest amount AT&T has ever donated to a single candidate, though outgoing top AT&T lobbyist Jim Cicconi has also thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton.

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