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Comment Re:Does it work in reverse? (Score 1) 250

I'm 27 and I still get freaked when I need to have blood taken from me. Any needle really does it. In fact, the last time I had a blood test, my body just shut down and stopped pumping blood. The nurse couldn't get the second vial filled before I told her I was about to pass out.

It was a weird feeling, but I didn't pass out. Crazy stuff.

Comment Re:Go To Hell (Score 2, Insightful) 285

Oh good, another person that blindly supports a political party.

There are stupid people in BOTH parties. These are PROGRESSIVE ideas and progressives have invaded both parties. Who care what party they are from if the policy is bad.

I guess you're okay with the situation now since it a Democrat in power? You should ALWAYS deny the government any additional power at the expense of your individual rights.

Comment Re:"Protected speech" (Score 1) 698

I agree. There should be no "protected" speech. It is ALL free speech. If there is something we can't say (political correctness), that's no longer free speech. What the hell is happening to us?

Your feelings not being hurt aren't a right. Speaking freely is a right. By the way, it isn't a government given right. You are born that way.

Comment Re:No Effect (Score 1) 1238

This is history of man, not of nature. Political correctness was everywhere in my textbooks as well. I turned out to be a libertarian.

Evolution is evident, it is all around us.

Regardless, if parents want to teach their kids that an alien came to earth and made all of humanity, so be it. It isn't the government's right to deny the parents teachings to their children. This is why there is such a large debate about teaching evolution. All this would be easier if schools weren't publicly funding and parents paid for school DIRECTLY. Vote with your dollars.

Comment Re:Since when were ISPs the bad guys? (Score 1) 457

The problem isn't with the ISPs, then... It is with the government that granted the monopolies. The government is the problem. I agree with you. I cringe when people yield any power to the government. They (the government) forgot that "We the people" are the government... We will wake up and take it back, hopefully...

Comment Courts decide if things are Constitutional (Score 3, Insightful) 106

I see posts that are advocating legislation from the bench. This is not the purpose of the court. The court is only there to decide the constitutionality of an issue. They are not there to do anything more.

If you don't like the law, you need to petition congress... UNLESS the law is unconstitutional, then you can take it to the courts.

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